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Sarahah: Know About Anonymous Messaging App

Have you ever thought about revealing a truth to your friend without letting him know about your identity?
Are you aware of any such App that could have come up with your expectation? Let’s derive some information about such anonymous App Well, let me explain about the specialty of such anonymous app with an illustration Suppose you love someone a lot; who is your closest friend but could not reveal in front of that person is afraid of making that person annoyed. This anonymous app can really help you disclose the feelings and let that person know about all this without getting yourself exposed. Isn’t that really interesting?

Would you like to know about that recently launched Messaging App?

Sarahah!! What’s this?? This question might have actually surprised you a lot. Of course, it would have done so. This app has become a talking point on the web. Really surprising if you are not aware of it. What Actually is Sarahah App? A new trend in the web world has hit the internet users by storm. This time it is something special that Netizens, in the mainstream, haven’t expected about the feature of this revolutionized app. Sarahah is a mobile App or a portal that is free for all users to send messages as anonymous to the known ones without letting them know about their identity. As there is no option to reply back the person who sent the message, all you can do is to share it on Facebook. Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq the developer in Saudi Arabia; who formulated this app, had only one intention to let people send personal message or feedback to their reporting managers or bosses without getting their identity disclosed. But, many others are also using it to get honest feedback from co-workers, friends, and relatives.

The word ‘Sarahah’ has an Arabic origin with a meaning “Honesty”. So, users can now expect an honest review of the known-ones once the link is shared publicly. How to Get Sarahah Linked to Facebook? Now, a user can easily add Sarahah link to Facebook very easily by adopting any of the two strategies mentioned below: Through Facebook App installed on Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad). Through the web browser installed on PC and Mobile Device.

Steps to Link Sarahah App with Facebook Using FB App installed on Android or iOS Device

Unlock your device and go to the home screen. Navigate your finger to the Facebook app and tap on it once found. Now move to Your Profile and Tap on Edit profile Once, it is done, you will find the link “Edit About Info” Click on it and wait for aligning options to appear on the screen. Now click on ‘Edit’ corresponding to Contact Info Doing this, you will find the option “ Add Website” Click on the same and type url created upon getting registered with Sarahah

For Example 

Tap on save button to make changes effective. Doing this, your Sarahah profile is successfully linked with Facebook Steps to Link Sarahah App with Facebook Using Web Browser on PC or Mobile Device Launch a web browser and type in the address bar. Enter the login credentials properly doing which you can access the Facebook Timeline page successfully. Now access your Facebook Profile and click on edit profile Doing this, another link appears “ Edit About Info” Click on Contact or Basic Info Now go to Add website option and click on it. Type url created upon getting registered with Sarahah

For Example:

Now click on the save button to make changes effective Doing this, your Sarahah profile is successfully linked with Facebook

The procedure to link Sarahah profile with Facebook is quite convenient to follow. But sometimes technical discrepancies occur that prevent users from accomplishing the defined task. In order to get the issues fixed on time, users are advised to contact certified techies or professionals, just by giving an instant call at Facebook helpline number available on the web.