Top Three Signs of Clogged Sewer Lines

As a homeowner, you should be asking yourself the important question of how you know whether or not your sewer line is blocked, as there are different indicators that you might be looking for. So, without further ado, let us jump into the list of signs that indicate your sewer lines are clogged.

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Sewage On the Floor

You need to call a sewer specialist when you find sewage on the floor or in a tub. Also, watch out for sewage in the sink and any such signs. While these are some of the obvious indicators that the sewer lines are clogged, you will also have passive indicators.

Usually, sewage tends to overflow due to damage or blockage in the plumbing system, which can cause the backflow of the sewage system. If you experience a sewage overflow, you might want to get your septic tank checked, and you might have to opt for septic tank cleaning. While you are at it, make sure not to get in contact with sewage and any of the contaminated areas.

Bubbling Sounds

Some of the passive indicators include hearing bubbling sounds when you flush the toilet. Or – you might flush the toilet and hear bubbling in the sink – this aspect indicates the air in the system is pushed back out of the p-trap that is in the sink.

If you have a bubbling sound in the sink, it might be a venting issue, which is somewhat uncommon. It could also be a backed-up drain issue, which is very common.

Sewage Smell

When the sewer lines are clogged, you will also start to detect a sewer smell. Every drain has something called a p-trap on it, and the p-trap holds water. The purpose of the water is to keep the sewer gas that is inside the sewer system from coming back into your house. The p-trap is specifically designed for this very purpose.

When a sewer backs up, the pressure that is inside the sewer burps air bubbles back through the p-trap. This aspect also explains the sound of the gurgling drain. That sound is about the air escaping through the p-trap. The air has bacteria in it, which has an odor to it, which causes you to smell the sewer.

Why To Call the Plumber Right Away?

So, you have known issues, as you can see them, and you have unknown issues that you cannot see. All of these lead to the same problem – they lead to a sewer backup. As a homeowner, you should never let the passive signs keep going because they are eventually going to cause the visual problems of clogged or backed-up sewage.

If you make the mistake of ignoring a problem and calling a plumbing service, then you will have to spend more money later to fix the problem. Always follow the rule of thumb that when you notice a problem, you must get on it right away instead of waiting and letting the problem worsen as it becomes more expensive for you.