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Here’s the problem – You keep comparing yourself to others

We all do it. You compare yourself daily. You keep comparing yourself to others. It’s human nature, but it’s one that in most cases kill every bit of your inner happiness and delight. Everyone around you is doing the same and society as a whole has become a “comparison state”. It’s not just women. Men compare themselves too. Comparing lifestyle, compare a way of living, compare situations, comparing the job level, compare family and the list goes on and deeper than you would ever imagine.

The problem is even bigger now than ever. Not only do we compare ourselves in person, but we have extended this tendency to our digital life too. Thanks to social media, your comparative engagements have become more significant and apparent.

Truth be told… no matter where you are in your life’s journey, if you’re one to compare yourself constantly with others, you’ll never be happy. I want you to be happy. Stop comparing yourself with others and bring the focus back to you. Improve your time management by just saying no, and moving on.

Be Your Competitor

The only journey you need to focus on is your journey. If you want to compare yourself with anyone, it should be yourself. You are your biggest competition. Compare who you were a year ago, one month ago or even yesterday. When you start to compare your journey, you will bring the focus back on to you. You will begin to create thoughts and ideas that will explore your future which bring the accountability back to you. Learn from others, but don’t hold yourself accountable to their standards. You are not them and never will be. You will grow to your standards and grow as your personal brand.

Surround yourself with righteousness

When you measure yourself as the average of the people you’re surrounded by; you leave room to grow. Whether in your business life or personal life, the idea is to improve your mental and physical net worth. The right people will applaud your achievements, observe your greatness and tell others of your successes. Even if you don’t see the greatness in you, they will, and that will lift you up. Be bold enough to say goodbye to those who bring you down, you will lose nothing in the process. Your accomplishments will attract the right people and therefore, set an example of the best imaginable person of yourself.

Your Flaws are your strengths

You’re nothing short of being a perfectionist if you want to be. Your flaws are a mark of creating something much greater and something much more suited to your ideal. If you have struggled with any imperfection syndrome and believe that nothing you do is good enough, then it’s time to rise above. Even the most successful people have the highest level of flaws and struggles. You are going to learn from your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. How? By focusing on you and not comparing yourself to others.