How to Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Sometimes when you pose for a minute and turn back the clock, you fail to understand how on earth social media did not exist two decades ago. It has been a magnetizing force for any business whether small or large towards netting millions of customers that the traditional marketing tools cannot achieve solitarily. However, it is not the act of signing up for an account and seeking followership that will redefine your business success path. There are a lot more that a real entrepreneur needs to do to turn followers into customers and first-time customers to loyal clients. The following are some of the best practices to promote your business on social media and gain a competitive edge in the current market characterized by cut-throat competition.

Prioritize Customer Needs and not Business Profits

Many people despite having a handful of social media handles cannot profit from their social media platforms. The obvious reasons for this are an amateur entrepreneur thinking of business profit at all available platforms. It is not bad to think profit because that is the primary motive of any business person. However, you need to know how to achieve profitability politely without having to prioritize it over customers need. First, understanding that profitability is as a result of customer satisfaction is paramount towards laying credible social media appeal that will do the selling for you. The question then is how you can prioritize customer needs via social media. It is very simple. All you need to do is to address varying users’ needs through valuable content that does not lay bare your promotion goals.

As a savvy social entrepreneur, you need to focus your social media effort towards engaging existing and potential clients through educative and valuable content. Talk to them about how their life can change when they use certain products and services based on a personal experience. For instance, when you are dealing with health products such as skin care serums, you can post non-promotional content that talks about the functioning of skin and how to achieve a proper functioning of skin to boost overall health and eliminate the skin acne among others. Let the social media users first understand why they need to take good care of their skins. In every post, end by inviting them to ask any questions.

As an entrepreneur, you can benefit from the questions asked by users through your non-promotional content to gain insight of possible challenges your potential or current clients are facing. This will prepare you on how to answer their inquiries and design a product offering that will solve their problems. This way, you will identify your real clients and those who talk about your product. The goal is to separate followers from clients and direct more energy in offering solutions and lending an ear to your hundreds or active thousands of customers.

While the emphasis is to have some mind-blowing content tailored to educate and trigger a question and response session that will lead to closing sales, do not forget to once in a while go promotional. It is important to do this three times a week after engaging your customers through four days of interactive sessions and listening to their needs. Remember after listening you have to provide a solution. Customers have expectations, and when they take such bold step to engage you, they are in need of a solution. It is not a storytelling session you need to make a move after answering them. Make sales out of the story through crafting irresistible offers.