Best Paid Phone Reverse Lookup Sites In 2023

In today’s era, several individuals find themselves falling victim to scams. Scammers continuously blast out phone calls asking for personal details. To eliminate falling victim to these scams, determining to use a paid phone reverse lookup is the best thing.

A reverse phone lookup provider makes it simple to identify the number calling your phone. All you have to do is offer the unknown search and number. Few providers provide this service for free, while others may need the payment for these details. Also, several online service providers promise a thorough search but fail to cater. There are both paid and free options available but in this blog, we will discuss the paid reverse phone lookup provider that includes:


It offers both landline and reverses smartphone lookup services. Users will enter a phone number to check if there are any details on the phone number. Due to this, a report displaying address history, name, and even type of phone pops up.

It comes with additional features such as an interactive grid. It might include roommates, relatives, business partners, and other relations relevant to the caller. The interactive grid outlines the connections associated with the person.

It provides other services such as reverse address lookup, background check, and people search. They both permit users to carry out unlimited searches. Users may take benefit of the five-day trial by paying 1.99 dollars.


  • Cheap trial period
  • Interactive grid showing an individual’s relations and connections
  • Offers both landline and cellphone phone reverse lookup service


PeopleFinders reverse phone number lookup offers individuals all the details they have to get insight into an unknown caller. The outcomes are always up-to-date and quick. Users should enter their phone number, pay the amount for the report and download it.

There are also email searches, addresses, and names that will aid to uncover more details. A complete report might include death and birth, job history, court records, social accounts, and education. These offer more information on the caller so you don’t get trapped in scams.


  • Cheap single reports
  • Users do not have to subscribe to a monthly plan to carry out phone number search
  • Up-to-date personal information about unknown callers


It will identify a phone number fast and allow users to understand who owns it. They offer the full name and aliases of the owner. The phone number search works for both landlines and smartphones, even those that are not public.

Also, if an individual owns more than one number, it displays those details. They check various sources to get accurate information to offer other personal details. Information might include location, social media profiles, email, and address.

It provides a trial membership at one dollar. During this trial, users get access to all of the features on the site for a week. There is a monthly subscription that users have to pay for membership.


  • Checks different sources to offer accurate details
  • Offers aliases and complete name of the phone number of the owner
  • Provides full name and aliases of the phone number’s owner
  • Paid reverse phone at $1 trial