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Data Privacy: Protecting Your Member and Donor Data 

In an increasingly connected world, non-profits are prone to data leaks just like any other commercial business or government organisation. For grassroots organisations with limited resources, it can be difficult to identify and secure the necessary sensitive information they hold on beneficiaries, staff and donors. As a managed IT service...

Truest Versions for Epub to PDF Version Change

What is it and what are the advantages of the PDF / A format in developing a long-term business document archiving strategy. Benefits The benefits of dematerialization or the conversion of any digital document into a paper document are under everyone's eyes. For years, the suppliers of solutions for document...

Some tips for seo optimization

There are so many online companies thronging the website that it has indeed become difficult to make one individual website stand out. This is one of the reasons a first time entrepreneur should seek out a seo expert. Search engine optimization basically means the techniques by which your website can...

3D Printing Basics

We are still a long way from being having mini-replicators that can produce a cup of Earl Grey tea on demand, but  three-dimensional (3D)  printing technology is becoming more common for industrial, medical, and home use. Once limited to producing plastic copies of small objects, 3D printers can now produce...

How to create digital signature

A digital signature serves the purpose of authenticating digitized type of information such as a document, an email message and macro by the use of computer cryptography. Also , digital signatures assist us it establishing the following guarantees: Authenticity: the concept of digital signatures assists us in accessing if the...
Tech Updates

Protecting Workplace Computers from Cyber Threats

With people spending more time online than ever before, information thieves, malware spreaders and other cybercriminals have an abundance of targets from which to choose. Although disreputable characters frequently prey on personal computers and phones, they’re particularly fond of going after businesses. The financial information and personnel data found in...

ERP integration

ERP integration is all about managing the information about the customers and dealing with the backend information. When the customers place an order, their data saves with the company and gets managed through the erp software houston tx. It is one of the favorite concepts for the customer based organizations...
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