Truest Versions for Epub to PDF Version Change

What is it and what are the advantages of the PDF / A format in developing a long-term business document archiving strategy.


The benefits of dematerialization or the conversion of any digital document into a paper document are under everyone’s eyes.

For years, the suppliers of solutions for document management and the digitization of paper material have rightly pushed the PDF format as a complement to the company’s data retention policies.

The problem with the Epub to PDF Converter format is that as technological innovation progresses, there is no certainty that the document produced remains such, equally accessible and readable in twenty years or more.

The senior director of product marketing wanted to turn a beacon on the fundamental role of the PDF / A format in developing a long-term business document archiving strategy, especially with regards to security needs. This is imposed in specific vertical areas such as, for example, health or financial services. The epub to pdf  conversion is there.

If the benefits of PDF documents are now widely known, the fact that the PDF / A format is ideal for storing information that must always be legible in the future is not known to everyone.

Users note that the PDF / A format offer a competitive advantage in the current digital market where mountains of information must necessarily be kept for long periods. And unfortunately, even today many companies are not aware of the potential of the PDF / A format.

Nuance explains that companies need to work together to explain why the PDF / A format is the most effective tool for protecting themselves from future technological changes that could make files more difficult if not impossible to read .

What are the PDF / A format and why it is of fundamental importance for the preservation of documents?

What is PDF / A and why it is important to use it

PDF / A is a sub-format of the PDF that has been developed with the specific objective of making long-term document storage possible on digital media.

The main features of PDF / A are as follows:

  • PDF / A documents live “a life of their own” in the sense that they are totally independent of other software settings and any other ancillary information, including fonts, colors, images and so on. Therefore, PDF / A files always appear exactly as they can be displayed on the system that created them.
  • Encryption of the contents of the PDF / A document is not permitted.
  • In PDF / A format files it is not possible to add links to external resources or websites: the concept is that in the future these resources may no longer be available.
  • It is not possible to insert JavaScript code in PDF / A files.

When you read the acronym PDF / A-1a, it means that the document can be generated in PDF / A format following the first specifications published in 2005 while maintaining maximum fidelity (the file will weigh more). The abbreviation PDF / A-1b, on the other hand, is the format that generates the lightest files (minimum fidelity). PDF / A-1 is based, as a whole, on version 1.4 of the general PDF format specifications.