Best sites to buy Sky3ds+(plus) in Italy and Spain: What are they?

To you who are looking for the best site to buy Sky3ds+ card in Italy and Spain, we will tell you the answer in this post. Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus is a 3ds flashcard playing nearly Every 3DS Game, if you are one of 3DS console owner, you should not miss it to enjoy 1000+ Free 3DS Roms.

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds Plus News in 2019

Sky3ds+ card hasn’t been updated for a long time, the latest news was released in the last May, it says that the Sky3ds or Sky3ds plus card supports fully on Nintendo 3ds most recent firmware version 11.9.0-42. 

From that time to 2019, no update or more news about Sky3ds+ card be announced. So till to now, Sky3ds+ as a 3ds flashcard, has the following cans and can’ts.

  • Sky3ds+ can work on Nintendo 3DS, but can’t work on DS and Switch.
  • Sky3ds+ can play 3DS Games, but can’t play DS games.
  • Sky3ds+ can homebrew 3DS, but can’t install 3DS CFW.
  • Sky3ds+ can hold many 3DS Roms, but can’t support game menu.
  • Sky3ds+ be updated with firmware, but can’t flashed NTRboot.

Which is the best site to buy Sky3ds+ card in Spain and Italy?

Here I will recommend the Spanish seller NXmodificar and the Italian store They are your cheap, reliable and safe shop to buy the sky3ds+ in Italy and Spain. Why? I checked many Sky3ds+ resellers, but found them are really easy to order and cheap to buy.

  1. They are shipping from EU, more exactly from France, to send you to Italy and Spain
  2. They are selling the Sky3ds+ card with a really attractive price, around 70 euros.
  3. They are providing shipping number in 24 hours, supporting shipping to Germany, UK and other other EU country.
  4. They are using SSL, secure site to buy Sky3ds+.
  5. They are supporting Refund or Exchange in 1 year.
  6. They are allowing Paypal payment and Credit card.

Where to find Voucher code to buy Sky3ds plus?

Yes, buy sky3ds+ from Italiamods or NXmodificar, you can get A Discount code to use even with the ON Sale price, just email to them via admin account, you can get the Sky3ds+ voucher code.

Lastly, they even send you a free skydock with Sky3ds+ order, so you can play 3ds games online safely.