What is boosting in League of Legends

League of Legends | Boosting services are Blessing or Curse of LoL 

First of all, let’s define what is League of Legends boost. LoL boosting – is a process of quickly promoting your Elo Division, by giving your account data to the professional players that will win ranked matches until you reach desired Elo Division.

But let’s start from the very beginning – what is Elo Rating in League of Legends means?

What is Elo in LoL

Elo is a special system that is used in League of Legends which determines your average skill. Elo is showing the difference between players in numbers. Riot Games took this system right from the Chess, where Elo system (Elo was the second name of the Hungarian physic who invented it) is showing the difference between two players. So why we need to invent a bicycle, let’s just take that formula and adapt it to the five vs. 5 games.

How Elo working in 5 vs 5 or How Elo Hell is working

As you already know, Elo was used to demonstrating the power of the players in 1 vs. 1 games like chess. But in 5 vs. 5 there are lots of disturbing factors, how can the Elo system be used in such format? Let’s take for an example a situation where you play as hard as you can, but you got 2-4 trolls on your team, so how it could determine YOUR Elo rating? The results of such game will not be objective, because besides your gaming skill a match has too many other random factors – the chances to get trolled by your own team, the chances that opposite team is getting trolled, etc.

But there is a bright side; if you play a really a LOT of games, then these random factors will almost nil. And that’s exactly how Elo Hell works. Most of the people are just not patient enough to play spoiled games, waiting until their Elo Rank will be established. And that why professionals are offering their services to such kind of people.

Elo Boost | How it is working in LoL 

Elo boost is a complicated definition that contains many services:

  • Coaching. You will be guided by a professional LoL player, and he will teach you everything (or at least as many as he will be able) about League of Legends in-game mechanics, champions, best picks, and bans. This is the most user-friendly approach, that will secure your Elo Division, or will give you an opportunity to leave the Elo Hell.
  • SoloQ boosting. The most hateful one by the casual players. You just giving account data to the Diamond+ lol player, that will continuously win matches until you reach the desired division. The fastest, but the worst option, that you could choose. If you do not play good enough, you will quickly slide back to your Low Elo Division.
  • DuoQ boosting. You will play in a pair with a real pro, and he may even teach you some tricks. At least you always could learn by yourself by watching him play live. Interesting solution, but I still suggest LoL Coaching.
  • Placement Matches. At the beginning of the each LoL Season you must play ten placement matches, that will approximately determine your Elo Division. If you too scared to meet noobs on your team during these matches, then this solution will work as the great trampoline to Boost Elo from the first matches of the new season. But be aware, that right after Placement Matches your Elo is really unstable and by losing just a few matches you could be easily thrown back to the lower elo division.

As you could see League of Legends boost is a quite complicated thing, and now you know who are those people who buying elo boosts online. So if you one of such kind of player who just does not have enough of free time to calibrate or wants to play with good people, then you know what to do. Order one boost, and play for the rest of the year with non-toxic players who really want to win, and do everything that they are capable of.