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5 Tips To design Web page to increase customer engagement

Want to make sure that visitors don’t exit as they land on your webpage? Want to get people to stay longer and click on buy button?

The only solution to avoid this is to give them reasons to stay. This can be done by satisfying their expectation. Here are 5 tips that will help you design your web page for better customer engagement.

Below are some points how our Best Web Design Company in Pune helps you:

  1. Professional logo

Business is recognized by their logo. Since a company is an artificial human, the logo is their identity. Have a professional logo for your website. It is seen that people remember your services by memorizing the logo. There is no rocket science here. The thumb rule is people tend to remember pictures rather than words. And don’t forget to link your logo to your homepage so that the visitors can easily navigate to it.

  1. Use Larger fonts size

The main purpose over here is to grab user’s attention. The first thing the user does when he visits the page is just crawled through it. Larger fonts are a magnet used to attract the user and provide a reason to develop an urge for the particular thing. This technique has made a great practice to follow in 2017.

  1. Space out things

Don’t Cluster things which can distract the user and make the site appear overly complicated. You should, however, try creating more space in general rather than trying to take account of as many elements as you can on a webpage. Again, it thus helps a user visiting your site to focus on what’s important while giving you the opportunity to build better-looking designs.

  1. Responsive Design is mandatory

People mostly use mobile phones nowadays to access data. Gone are those days where people had to sit on the desktop and browse web pages which were hardcoded and were meant to display just the data.

Now those web pages will be useless to retain users on your website. As now more people are exposed to internet and mobiles, there are chances of increasing your business. This can be done by having a responsive design for your web page which will engage your users and retain them for the longest time by expert website development company in pune.

  1. Simple navigation

Placing too many of links in your navigation menu, sidebar, and even the homepage may seem like a perfect way to keep the user on your website, but it can actually go the other way. Complicated navigation systems create way too many options for the user, confusing them rather than navigating. So much that they may decide to leave your website.