What do you need to know about your own cyber defense? Detail explanation

VPN (VPN – virtual private network) is a brilliant invention of specialists in Internet security. Obviously, a free VPN service, which is most likely created for specific commercial or even fraudulent purposes and is usually something a bit larger than a proxy server in someone’s basement, is significantly different from a professional VPN service provider such what is authentic VPN.

Once, you can risk using a free VPN, but for everyday ongoing use it makes sense to choose one of the best Live Stream VPN service providers, and for this you need to figure out how VPN works? A little, but very important, don’t give anyone your passwords and don’t give access keys, don’t transfer your data to strangers and, most importantly, you need to know today how VPN works, how to install VPN on your computer and use it in combined with good antivirus and antispyware software.

How VPN was created?

The now popular VPN technology was developed by order of large high-tech US corporations (primarily military) and US government agencies that still use VPNs. A virtual private network allows remote access to various networks. At the very beginning, the VPN server was used to check devices with appropriate credentials to provide them with access to private information. Thus, the user could store confidential information about the company anywhere in the country and have access to it whenever it was connected to the Internet.

What is a VLAN?

The first type of VPN is VLAN. This is a virtual local area network in which all computers located in the same room for the purpose of protection, stability, monitoring, and cost-effectiveness, connected to the Internet through a single server. This can be compared to your current home WiFi network, in which all your devices connect to the Internet via the same modem, providing all connected devices – phones, laptops, tablets and so on, same IP address.

There are also many other useful technical information about security protocols, PPTP, tunneling, and protection levels, but this will take a long time to explain.

What is VPN? What you need to know how VPN works?

Virtual Private Network is a dedicated server located in some part of the world to which your computer connects in order to replace the IP address of your device with the server’s IP address. VPN improves the security and stability of your Internet connection and is increasingly used to access unique content.For a simpler understanding, let’s imagine a VPN connection between you and the information you want to receive on the Internet, as a chain of four links.

The primary link is your device on which the VPN application is installed. This device can be anything from a desktop computer to a smart card. With VPN, you can access the Internet even through publicly accessible WiFi networks as safely as from your home network. Before choosing the VPN service you must authenticate the details of the service provider