Chatbots are perfect for child Security and Education

Young lives have so much potential. Today we will look at how technology and AI can improve that. Since SnatchBot deals with multiple industries and languages, we have been privileged to get to the bottom of how child security and education can benefit from the evolution of your world:

Someone has once said that the largest amount of unused potential can be found in graveyards. There are literally millions of people with all the potential in the world but who have never made full use of that storehouse of potential. Little children likewise might have several hidden talents which could be turned into tremendous benefits in adulthood. However, that potential and those talents will have to be nurtured carefully in order to ensure that the full potential of the child is unleashed. Two important factors as far as that young child are concerned will be security and education. Even the best parent in the world cannot watch over a child 24 hours a day. Likewise, most parents do not have the time to spend hours every day on the education of their children. Fortunately, today we have sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence and Chatbots who can help tremendously as far as the security and the education of your child is concerned.

There are many excellent applications

Children do not only need protection when at home or at school. They will also need protection when they go online especially on social media or on messaging applications. This is exactly why Oyoty has been created. This is a friendly looking chatbot who has been specifically programmed to guide and to advise children when they venture online. This chatbot is specifically for children 12 years and younger. They are today many young children that own smartphones and tablets and also have laptops. Most of these children simply do not have the essential knowledge to ensure that they are able to stay safe when they are online. Oyoty is able to monitor the places which are visited by a young child. It is also able to communicate with that child and to warn them about possible dangers. This application is available both on iOS and Android. The application is downloaded onto the smartphone of the young child. It is then linked to all of their social media accounts and it has support for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Parents have to be vigilant when it comes to their children

If a parent does not take responsibility for their child than who does? The fact of the matter is that someone somewhere will be lurking in the dark waiting for unsuspecting victims and that victim might just be your child. All of this nastiness can be avoided by making use of available technologies. When you have a chatbot like Oyoty on your childs smartphone or tablet then at least you have a measure of control. What this application will do is it will monitor the things which are uploaded by your child and it will make a child aware of the consequences of uploading. It would also warn the child when potentially harmful sites are visited or when the child is engaging in conversations which are taking a potentially damaging turn. All of those conversations are also recorded so that the parent can see where the child has been and how this situation has been handled by Oyoty. Not only is your child’s safety taken care of but your child is also educated about the dangers which can be encountered online and how to deal with them.

There are excellent educational applications for children

Educational software which can be used to teach children a whole range of things has been available for more than two decades. Many people have made use of DOS-based educational software that had been amazingly advanced for their time. Sophisticated educational chatbots can now be programmed to access hundreds of those educational applications simultaneously. This can provide a young child with amazing benefits which can really help to stimulate their young minds. It is the responsibility of parents to take all necessary steps to ensure that their children have every possible opportunity to develop into talented and well educated young adults. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence can make many things possible and can allow children to learn at a tremendous rate. Artificial intelligence also becomes more cost-effective making those technologies accessible to more people.

Do not procrastinate

Never postpone something which can be done today. Even though you might not have the finances right now to invest in costly artificial intelligence and chatbots. You can start by educating yourself about the available applications which makes it possible to ensure that your child is not only educated but also safe at all times.

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