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This company is based in the United Kingdom and produces a range of software solutions that have a goal of undertaking several IT infrastructure challenges. All MLtek staff has had widespread experience working with IT infrastructure positions and are closely familiar with the challenges this field uniquely presents.

Each product

Every single one of this company’s products was created following what some call a “If only I could find a piece of software that did X” moment. All their solutions have been designed to offer a simple, effective as well as unique answer to one of the very challenging problems.

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Save money and time with ArchiverFS

Have you had an experience like that – needing a solution to a unique problem? Sitting and questioned why there isn’t a better yet current way to fix a problem – such as years’ worth of files piling up on the file server? Why do all answers turnon trying to build a database towork with when it is actually a file system issue? Well, ArchiverFS is different….

ArchiverFS works on thesystem level and gives the user a way to move all the old files to 2ndlevel storage, without attempting to store files, file pointers to files or even file “metadata” in a database. The user gets all the features that you would expect such as:

  • Seamless stubs left in place of old files once moved;
  • Various ways to report;
  • Many choices to control how files are moved such as file age, file size, file type;
  • Able to compress files as soon as they have been processed.

But you also get huge scalability, for users’ free process and compatibility with many technologies such as DFS and de-duplication.

Interested? Complete details for ArchiverFS can be found click here. Subscription licenses now are available for ArchiverFS.

ArchiverFS was the first software that this company developed.

This software is one of the best on the market and is being used by 1000s of companies of every type all around the world.