Use RFID attendance system for your institution

Attendance management is an important task for each and every educational institution. An educational institution maintains attendance in order to predict the no of working days of a student in the school or college. In earlier days, educational institutions use the traditional attendance management system. That is, they record the presence of a student in notebooks and use these notebooks for maintaining the day to day attendance.

In recent years, as the technology improves institutions tend to use advanced attendance systems for maintaining the attendance. One such attendance system used by the educational institutions is RFID based student attendance system with SMS.

About RFID attendance system

This is an automated RFID based attendance system with SMS notification to the student’s parents. It automates the attendance system by monitoring the attendance of the students using the RFID cards. It monitors the student’s entry and informs the parents when they enter and leave the institution. Therefore, parents can be able to know when their child enters and leaves the academy premises. This system makes use of the RID tagging cards as the user ID cards.

The RFID based attendance system comes with a micro controller based circuit, RFID reader, buzzer, LCD display and even with a GSM modem and it is powered by a power supply. When the students scan their card on the RFID reader, the system recognizes them and checks it is a valid ID card or not. If the student card is valid, the system marks the attendance and also sends a message as a notification to their parents about the student’s entry. Thus the parents can know when their child enters or exits the school. This RFID attendance system with SMS is very useful for both the educational institutions and parents.

The RFID reader in this system is interconnected to the micro controller that checks the reader for any id card entry constantly. Whenever a card is scanned, the reader provides a signal to the micro controller with the card id. The micro controller receives the signal and shows the status of the event on the display. Thus, with the help of this attendance system, a school or college can easily maintain a student’s attendance with the knowledge of their parents.