Top 3 Dinosaur Games You Definitely Love To Play

It is really very hard to believe that the planet in which we live, there were ever big creatures like dinosaurs living on the same planet. This is why may be we are so fascinated with them. Dinosaurs really have all the great qualities; they can be scary, cool, cute and fascinating all at the same time. They have invaded about every form of entertainment, whether it be movies or games. They have ultimate level of diversity; from a club tailed ankylosauruses to the pack-predator vlociraptors and the games starring them are almost as far flung. You can find dinosaurs everywhere in gaming, from horror titles to cutesy plat formers. If you are seeking for a few games to knock you down a few links in the food chain, below is a list of some dinosaur games that you would surely love to play:

  • Dino D-Day: In this game Nazi`s outrageous military research bring in something more frightening than impractically huge tanks. They would possibly put machine guns on their heads and train them to do their filthy work. In this game the Nazis have a dinosaur army at their beck and call. On the other hand, the German soldiers are armed with the standard set of World War 2 weapons.
  • Primal Carnage: in this game, as a human, you play a typical first person shooter in terms of controls, weapons and variety and overall feel. You can play as speedy raptors, high-flying Pteranodon, bull like Carnotaurus, and venom spitting Dilophosaurus. Playing as T-Rex is an ultimate experience one get.
  • Turok- Dinosaur Hunter: In this game, dinosaur hunter bears many of the scars of an early console shooter. You don’t have to aim as the game has auto mode and it just do it for you. The plat forming sections are very tough and it is just cruel. It is still a blast to play and you would surely enjoy every bit of it.

Above were the few games of dinosaurs you would love to play. You may find many others at  Here all dinosaur games are very ultimate and I am sure you would love playing them all. So why to wait? Just go for it!