Timely supply of printer ink cartridges is essential

Printer ink cartridges and stapler pins have one thing in common. It might seem silly, but it is true all over the world. They exhaust just at that particular moment when we need them the most. You would be ready with your assignment for school. You have to take the printout and get ready. You will invariably find the printer ink drying out with just a few pages remaining to be printed. Somehow, this is an international problem. However, can you not solve this problem easily? Yes, you can by having a reserve stock of printer ink cartridges ready at hand.

Which is the best place in Australia to get your regular supply of printer ink cartridges? You need not look further than Inkjet Wholesale for your printer ink cartridge requirement. This company has the best range of ink cartridges available. You get the best brands such as Epson, HP, and Canon. This company assures you of the highest quality of cartridges as well. You pay less and print more when you use these cartridges supplied by Inkjet Wholesale.

Let us look at the advantages of ordering your printer ink cartridges from this shop online.

  • Pricing is an important factor when you use printer ink cartridges. You find that the cost of four to five refills can exceed the cost of the printer itself. Under such circumstances, Inkjet Wholesale comes as a breath of fresh air. They guarantee the lowest prices in Australia. In fact, they offer to match the price of any other company offering original printer ink cartridges at a lower price. This is not a one-time affair. This offer is open for 30 days after your purchase. In case, you are able to prove that you can get the same cartridge at a cheaper rate, this company undertakes to reimburse the difference amount immediately. You have to fill up a simple form for activating this offer. However, you have to submit evidence that you have procured the cartridge at a lower price.
  • Online purchases are very convenient, but you end up paying a high proportion on shipping charges. For lower priced items, you find out that the shipping costs exceed the cost of the item itself. There are no such problems with Inkjet Wholesale. This company offers free shipment if you purchase merchandise worth $49 or more. This saves you a lot of money. This facility encourages you to buy items in bulk as well. This offer of free shipment for purchases over $49 is available to all customers throughout Australia. The only condition is that the delivery should be inside Australia. This company uses the fastest mode of transport to deliver their shipment. Tracking the order is also very easy. You get regular SMS messages on your mobile phones updating you about the dispatch of the order.

We have seen two benefits of ordering your printer ink cartridges from this company. There are many more. We shall see them in due course in another blog on the same subject. Find more information about office supplies click here