How to become master in typing?

Typing is a challenging thing if you are on a good position in company and don’t know how to type with good speed, while some colleagues types too fast without watching at a keyboard, it becomes is bad situation to us.  And we have to accept that if we are good at typing it gives extra boost to all online and computer work.

Thanks to those websites who are providing a service of typing for beginners, they teach with games and help us to improve our typing speed.

How it works?

It’s so easy, they are providing a game of typing, where they scroll some random words and we have to type them before they touch the floor. If we miss it then we lose it, Simple.  There is a good thing in this website that they are giving levels for playing this game, so it becomes little easy for the beginners.

There is a psychology in humans, that if we are not dealing with any challenge then we won’t take that thing so serious. So something that influences us to do is too important to be expert in that field. That’s the thing that this website is doing.

Basic rule for typing

The simple rule for every beginner is, they should use 8 fingers, excluding their thumb for typing. And to begin with typing, your left 4 fingers should be on A S D F and your right fingers should be on J K L ; This way helps to improve writing too fast.

In this website, they are providing fingers help for beginners and once you feel you don’t need those fingers to type then there is a option to hide fingers as well.

They put a paragraph above in the page and put a keyboard with fingers and you need to start writing and finish it in their given timeline. So it becomes challenging and useful to improve our skill.