Crack Switch 9.0: CFW Atmosphere v0.9.4 and SX OS 2.9.2 support Nintendo Switch 9.0.X

It’s only two days since the firmware update v9.0.0 for Nintendo Switch, the known hacker @SciresM, the CFW Atmosphere developer, has updated his work in 0.9.4 with support for Switch 9.0.0. So how to install Atmosphere to crack Switch? And few days later, SX OS V2.9.2 can also be compatible with Switch 9.0.X

The latest news on Nintendo Switch firmware 9.0.1

Notifications have also been redesigned, with the addition of “Notification Alarms” in the system settings. According to the release notes, some games and applications will define these alarms. It will be possible to view and delete them in the system menus. It is also now possible to change the sensitivity of the touch screen portion, with a mode optimized for the stylus. A new screen also collects invitations from your friends to play online.

We told you, as always, Nintendo also improved the stability of the system, including a bug that prevented the launch of the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The release notes also evoke something that resembles a Nintendo Switch Lite feature bridging – for players who do not have Joy-Con (sold separately). This feature disables the system buttons except for the Capture and HOME buttons.

This clamping is now active by default and the only way to disable it and associate Joy-Con console.

Changelog  firmware Nintendo Switch 9.0.0

  • Added a search function for the News Channel. Channels can be searched using filters or keyword.
  • Added “Display a QR Code to register” to the User Settings. You can display a QR Code on the screen to register using your Nintendo account.
  • Alarm Notifications have been added to Console Settings> Notifications. You can check or delete the predefined alarms.
  • Alarms can only be configured in the compatible software (which will be added later). A controller firmware update may be required for this feature.
  • You can now configure the sensitivity settings of the touch screen. Choose between Standard Sensitivity and Pen Sensitivity (optimized for pen input).
  • Added option to enable/disable system button input (Nintendo Switch Lite only). When this setting is off, the system no longer receives input from the console buttons except for the Capture and HOME buttons and can only be used from a wirelessly matched controller (sold separately ). This setting is enabled by default and can only be disabled if a compatible controller (sold separately) is paired wirelessly. The setting will be activated automatically when the console is restarted or after restoring the sleep mode.
  • Added the “Invitations to play online” section on the User’s page. Invitations from your friends to join an online game in the compatible software will be displayed in this section.
  • General improvements in system stability to improve the user experience, including a solution for the following: Solved the problem where some users can not start/start the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and get an error in place.

Nintendo Switch has juste update 9.0.1, but it has not too much change

How to update?

East way to update the follow the steps below.

Plugin your AC outlet;
Go to Console Settings;
Select Console;
Select Update.

Team Xecuter show its latest versionSX OS 2.9.2  which can totally be used on Nintendo Switch 9.0.X

We know that the Team Xecuter will follow the update of the atmosphere and so it really does the thing. So I summarizethe new caracter of sx os

  1. Incognito is not available, but incognito has a RCM version that can be activated at the time of injection.
  2. The lock screen theme is not available.
  3. Add many very useful features, such as the restart button can be directly restarted on sxos without reinjection. To be honest, it makes sense for the atmosphere.
  4. Someone has tried and can use their own copy of cartetouche to connect to CFW, which requires additional testing and an update of the tutorial for security reasons.

Finally, SX OS V2.9.2 is more stable than the previous version, it necessarily recommends this version, enough partique for gamers who wish to hack Nintendo Switch 9.0.X