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Selling Video Games Online For Extra Cash – The Student Version

The holiday season is long over and everyone is back at college or office and preparing for the next semester or the quarter. If you are in school or university, your days are probably filled with writing notes, taking exams and hoping you get some time just for yourself. Most young adults these days are finding it more difficult to get time to laze around on the living room couch and just spend the afternoon playing video games. With the improvements in mobile technology, video game consoles are sitting there gathering dust. Unless you are a serious gamer, maybe it is time to let go of your video games and think about sell video games online .


How Do You Do It?

Whether you are taking a break in lab, or you are in your dorm room taking some time away from the long hard work ahead of you, at The Old School Game Vault, we make it super easy for you to sell video games and even make some extra cash through your busy schedule at school. Here’s what you need to do from your end to earn some extra cash through selling video games online.

  1. Round them all up, you can even sell the video game consoles along with the games and get better deals.
  2. Enter the titles, keywords etc and submit to us for publishing on our site
  3. Read the agreement carefully while our worker ants position the video games you are selling properly for the world to see.
  4. Sit back, relax and wait for the funds to get to you!

What’s in it for you?

So what are some of the benefits you will get once you decide to sell your video games with us? Well, the cash certainly works, and at the same time, you can use that extra cash to check out other video games we have in store!

When you buy video games from our store, you help us to maintain our competitive prices and will also encourage other student users to sign up with us in the future! As an added bonus, just think of all the free space you will have in your dorm room or at home once you are done.

What sets Old School Game Vault apart from the rest?

So what makes us unique and a go to place for serious video gamers looking to buy video games online? Here are a few reasons we think you will like us:

  • A large amount of traffic daily which gives you a higher chance of selling your old video game
  • Easy to search with multiple sets of keywords leading directly to your video game
  • Competitive prices, perhaps the best in the market
  • Quick turnaround time for payment
  • Easier to ship and print labels

It just simply makes sense to choose us if you wish to see a better home/dorm for your beloved video games to end up in. Most of our visitors are perhaps the best video game community in the Internet. To start making money, just visit our website and let the journey begin!