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SecurTel and Affordable Inmate Calls


Incarceration doesn’t mean that its the end of life for an inmate with inmate calling. Inmates still want to know what is going on in the outside world, especially in their families. Speaking to family helps them get through the tough times. The only way they can be able to achieve this is through inmate calls. However, there is a downside to this. Inmate calls cost a fortune. Most inmate families dread the bill that they are mailed as they have to part with a large sum of money. So how can this problem be solved? Well, SecurTel has come up with a solution to this.

SecurTel helps save loads of money on inmate calls by developing special jail phone numbers which are programmed to help save on all inmate calls, whether they are local or long distance jail calls. Jail calls are also characterized by confusing rate plans which when studied carefully, show that in some cases, local jail calls are more expensive than long distance jail calls. However, SecurTel assure one that there are no hidden costs. With their low jail calling rates, there is no doubt that you will save on jail calls.

In addition to saving on jail calls, SecurTel have other perks. Since they focus on ensuring meaningful connections between inmates and their loved ones, they live up to their promise by affording the inmates unlimited minutes using their jail call service. This means that with Securtlel, the story is not brought to an abrupt stop now and then.

In addition to unlimited minutes while calling, signing up with SecurTel is free and there are no extra fees incurred. Also, there are no contracts involved when signing up with this service provider, to the relief of many. This means that one can cancel on their services anytime without the fear of having a binding clause holding them down or ground for them to be arraigned in court. Consequently, canceling on their service does not incur a penalty or a cancellation fee.

SecurTel also affords the client the opportunity to change the destination number online. And at $45.98, this shows that SecurTel is one of the cheapest jail call providers. They also provide high quality voice lines. They also provide call recording services, especially for sentimental playback though the service is optional.

All this goes to show that SecurTel is disputably the best jail calls provider. Sign up with them to enjoy affordable jail calls.