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GlobalTel’s Jail Call Service and How it Helps Families Afford Calling Loved Ones in Jail


With the incarceration of an inmate, it is critical that inmates calling remain connected to their loved ones and help avoid the feeling that they have been abandoned with inmate calls. However, jail calls are characterized by exorbitant fees on the part of the inmate’s loved ones. This may prevent them or hinder family members or friends from constantly catching up with their confined loved ones.

Luckily, GlobalTel has realized this and it has devised a way to lower the costs of calling loved ones in correctional facilities while keeping the costs low, especially international calls whose costs shoot through the roof. So how has GlobalTel managed to solve this Gordian knot? Well, here’s how.

GlobalTel has come up with special jail phone numbers for long distance inmate calls. This means that instead of the calls being charged as long distance calls, they will be categorized as local calls and this helps save up to 85%. The special jail phone numbers also help families reach their loved ones in any jail in the United States. The plan also allows one to receive calls on the phone of their choice. The cherry on the pie is that one only pays once in every 90 days and this prevents hair pulling ordeals as a result of contracts to worry about. And if this still does not impress you, then this will. When your inmate is transferred to a different correctional facility, the old special calling number will be canceled and you will be issued with a new one at no extra cost.

Their sign up is also fast and in five minutes, you will have signed up to the service. In addition, the activation is instant. Also, there is no contract involved and this means that once you plan on canceling on the service, you won’t be legally bound to the service or the company will not have suing ground to sue you on. This also means that one can cancel anytime and there are no extra costs once you cancel.

GlobalTel also gives one the privilege of controlling the phone you want to route the calls to. Calls can also go to either your landline or to a mobile phone.

Well, if this isn’t proof enough that GlobalTel is the best service provider for jail calls, I don’t what is.