Search Engine Optimization and Technology

There is no doubt that search engine optimization is detrimental for online businesses to succeed in the online market today. The competition continues to become stronger and more vast on the web. While SEO has always been around, it is more widely known today and many more website owners are focusing on making sure their site is optimized to Google’s liking.

How to Rank on Google:

There are many different aspects when it comes to ranking on a Google search result and people spends many hours every day making sure that it is done correctly so their pages can be successful- ultimately making their business more successful. There are many articles that cover the basics of search engine optimization such as link building and keywords usage. Regardless of your level of expertise, there are things that you can do at the beginner level to help your website rank better in the search engine results pages.

Technology and SEO:

Technology is the underlying factor behind search engine optimization. SEO’s use technology to make the most of their efforts. As mentioned, there are beginner things you can do to help your website succeed. On the other end of that are more complex search engine optimization tactics that require many more skills and expertise. For example, you have probably been searching the web at some point and come across a 404 page, meaning, a link to a page that was no longer there. You most likely showed frustration and took your time to a different website. Losing visitors to your site due to broken links is a problem. Creativity alongside of talent sparked a great idea. Websites should make their 404 pages exciting and useful so rather than deterring traffic from their site they could encourage traffic to stay on their website. This is where unique 404 page building started.

Quick SEO Lesson:

As a quick lesson on SEO, the longer someone stays on your site the better Google thinks your site must be. Google also looks at things like bounce rates, and content. Creating a 404 page that attracts visitors could help increase all of those aspect. A Unique 404 page also allows for great links to be built to the website. From doing a quick search on Google for ‘unique 404 pages’ you are bound to run into hundreds of article on 404 pages. If a website creates a unique page that increases the number of links they are getting to their site they are being very successful. Pointe Pest Control’s website is optimized really well and provide a unqiue 404 page,

Technology and search engine optimization go hand in hand these days. In fact, without one you can not be successful in the other. Technology paved the way for SEO and search engine optimization has allowed technology to grow.