How to Vandal Proof Your Security Cameras

While CCTV cameras are an integral part of our security systems, due to their ability to capture clear images and videos, they need to be protected from vandalism and extreme weather. Ordinarily, they are placed where they can get the best images and videos which can be used to serve justice and enhance the productivity of your business. As such, the cameras can become a soft target for thieves and persons who would want to bury certain evidence or get away with a crime. Though people tend to place the cameras in places that are easy to spot, and depending on how the criminals could be, they could choose to target the cameras first before targeting your business. Here is how you can vandal proof your security cameras.

  • Vandal Proof Housings

The easiest way of securing your cameras is getting safe casings that can protect your cameras from external damage. The market offers clear housings that do not hamper the efficiency of the cameras yet protect your camera from damage. For instance, the casings will protect your cameras from people who will want to throw objects at the cameras from a blind spot thereby terminating video coverage. Vandal proof housings come in reinforced steel and hardened clear glass that helps protect your delicate equipment. Nonetheless, it is important you get certified materials that handle high levels of impact to ensure nothing happens to your cameras. For instance, Europe developed a system called EN 62262 which can provide proof from high impact energies. Thus, it’s important you get universally accepted systems that can protect your cameras from high impact energies.

  • Camera Elevation

Hitting a baseball camera flying 20 feet above your head is quite a difficult task. You should always have such a mentality when placing your security cameras in your business. Do not place your cameras in places where one can easily tamper with them by a simple hand stretch. Make it quite difficult for anyone to get where cameras are placed in your business, as this helps protect your CCTV cameras from damage either from employees or criminals.

You should elevate your CCTV cameras to the highest heights you can, but you should consider the resolution of your camera to avoid compromising the quality of your footage. When elevating your cameras, it is important you review the manufacturer’s advice on this to ensure your security is not jeopardized in the process of vandal proofing your cameras.

  • Intelligent Camera Placement

Criminals can get always get a clever way of avoiding monitoring or disrupt the camera CCTV feed. To prevent such occurrences, it is important you place your cameras in areas that are not so visible to frustrate their efforts. Security camera placement is such a technical aspect as you need to place the cameras in places where they will capture the required footage but hide it from the common eye. Besides, you do not need to make it visible to your customers and criminals that you are monitoring their activities. As such, it is important you consult a security expert on where best to place your security cameras.

In conclusion, it is advisable to follow the above steps in protecting your cameras from harm. Besides, research far and wide and consult the services of a security expert and work with other business people who have installed the security systems in their business. Above all, it important you incorporate your creativity and ideas in the process of vandal proofing your security cameras to ensure you have a personalized system and not just replication of other people’s ideas and opinions.