5 Myths about Facebook Advertising Debunked

A few years ago, Facebook ads were merely seemed as a concern of large businesses as if small and medium sized entrepreneurs were not ready for it yet. Plus, most of the users also considered social media advertising as something for big brands. But now, Mobile app development UAE has debunked all such myths and made it very clear that Facebook ads literally work for everyone. Here, we have gathered a list of 5 myths regarding Facebook ads that are also demystified for you.

  1. Facebook ads are Just for Branding

It won’t be wrong saying that it is one of the oldest myth, which roots date back to the days when no one was not pretty sure about how to use it. As a matter of fact, only the leading brands were brave enough to experiment with it. But now when Facebook advertising has evolved and many advertisers keep on seeing it as an alternative for email marketing. Also, they have discovered that Facebook ads are effective at generating direct sales, leads, and mobile app installs. The earlier you adopt Facebook ads, the more ROIs you tend to achieve.

  1. Most Facebook Ad clicks are Fake

Although Facebook is a great company bashing ads in a fun and great way to gain attention, the campaigns receive fake clicks like every advertising platform. No matter if the small percentage of fake clicks is frustrating and irrelevant to your overall campaign performance, you need to keep on advertising as long as your ROI is positive. Testing and optimization of your Facebook ads are more rewarding and important than eliminating a small click fraud.

  1. Facebooks Ads are not a good way to promote B2B Products

Facebook is a giant social networking site. So people, while browsing Facebook, connect with their friends, find interesting news and much more. Since companies are also established by people, Facebook ads is a great way to target them. With the use of Facebook ads, you’ll be able to target users according to their industry, job titles, and purchase behaviors. For this, you are required to engage with your target audience while advertising because it won’t work alone.

  1. Facebook is knowingly reducing organic reach to force users to advertise

However Facebook’s goal is to make money, it is a big corporation with a lot of investors that is listed publicly. Also, Facebook takes it customers as its users, not advertisers. This is how Facebook attracts advertisers with billions of users and a great deal of traffic by keeping them all on one platform. Of course, it is due to the reduction in organic reach that the volume of advertising has been increased. It is done to provide users with an exciting experience and show them only what they care about.

  1. Advertising in the Right column is Useless

Such kind of assertions are completely wrong. Where we have seen many successful campaigns where Facebook ads in the right column generated 3x ROI, and it is also witnessed that right column ads failed miserably. Hence, there is no way to know if the right column ad will work right for you unless you try it once.