Questions to Ask Ahead of Solar Panel Installation

Many people throughout the world have made changes to their homes over the past decade. One change in particular has caused a lot of stir and has many homeowners asking how they do the same. What is this change? Installing solar panels on the home.

Solar panels are a big investment and in the past were not available to homeowners like they are now. Nowadays, just about any home or building can be outfitted with some sort of solar energy system that reduces waste and saves money. However, you probably have a million questions about solar panels that need to be answered before making a solid decision.

Let’s go over some of the questions you need to ask ahead of getting PV solar panels on Mornington Peninsula homes.

Is the roof able to support solar panels?

This question is one of the first ones you should ask, as it is extremely important when it comes to getting solar panels installed on roofing. If the roof is in need of repair or will need to be replaced in the next five years, you should consider getting the roof done before adding solar panels to avoid extra costs that you would incur having to uninstall and reinstall solar panels to get roofing work done.

Is my roof the ideal shape or type for solar panels?

When most people think of a roof, they imagine a standard roof with sloping sides. This roof is common, but there are numerous different shapes of roofing and types that can be on homes. The type of roof as well as the shape and the size of the roof will determine the placement of solar panels and how efficient energy generation is. Knowing your roof will also help you decide whether or not getting solar panels on the ground would be a better option for PV solar panels on Mornington Peninsula homes instead.

How energy efficient is the home?

On top of evaluating your roof and its condition and shape, you also need to consider the current energy efficiency of the home. Older homes with outdated HVAC systems or insulation problems may not reap as many benefits when using solar panels unless these issues are fixed beforehand. This means that you should consider taking care of things around the home that affect energy efficiency, such as making sure doors and windows are properly sealed.

How much energy does the household use?

Your energy usage is a consideration, as this will help determine the size of your solar panel system and batteries. The more energy used, the more savings you will accrue when adding solar panels to the home. Your usage may also fluctuate in the future, so consider current demands and future demands of the household. You should also keep in mind that you may consume more energy when experiencing extreme highs or lows in temperature.

By asking these questions before getting solar panels installed, you will be able to make the right decision and prepare for solar panels to be put onto the home.