BigScoots WordPress Hosting Review + 90% Discount Coupon

BigScoots WordPress Hosting

All you need from a web hosting company is consistent performance along with great customer support. BigScoots does a brilliant job of providing both of those. In addition to the great performance and extremely good management, the consistency in the management and prices also makes BigScoots a great option for many. They offer a variety of web hosting services. We will be reviewing the BigScoots WordPress Hosting today.

BigScoots WordPress Hosting is a managed web hosting type that is optimized for WordPress. Meaning you will experience a much faster service if you install WordPress and use it for your blogging. They offer 3 ready plans for their WordPress hosting and you get to choose the resources and other things for an additional plan. The price of the custom plan is determined by how many resources you want to include in it.

All plans of BigScoots WordPress Hosting are priced reasonably and designed so a wider range of people can find the options that they need. The reason behind the popularity of BigScoots WordPress hosting is its managed system. The assistance that a customer gets is what a lot of people look for.

Stay tuned to this article for the BigScoots Hosting Review. In addition, you also get a 90% discount coupon for it.

BigScoots WordPress Hosting Overview

The WordPress Hosting offered by BigScoots is managed and includes some great resources with each of its plans. There are premium features included for free with all the plans that BigScoots has to offer. The BigScoots WordPress Hosting is specifically for those people who use WordPress. The reason is the fact that all of their plans in this category are optimized for WordPress.

The main features of the BigScoots WordPress Hosting include free CDN, a free SSL, and free daily backups. The starting price of the WordPress hosting plans is only $31.46 a month. For managed hosting, this isn’t a lot.

The following are details of the BigScoots pricing and features.

BigScoots Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of BigScoots WordPress Hosting are designed very carefully. The pricing of them all is fair and suits a lot of people. Similarly, the resources and features of each of the plans vary in a way that helps a lot of people have multiple options. One of the key reasons behind the popularity of BigScoots Hosting plans is this.

The following are all the pricing plans of BigScoots:

BigScoots Starter

The first plan of the WordPress hosting lineup is called the starter plan. It has a monthly price of only $31.46. This price is extremely normal because of the managed WordPress that you get.

Some of the key resources included in this plan are the following:

  • 1 Install is allowed
  • There is a visit limit of 250k
  • You get 10 GB of storage

BigScoots Professional

The second plan offered by BigScoots under the Managed WordPress hosting category is called professional. It includes some amazing features and resources for a fair price. You will have to pay $89.06 every month to get this plan.

The following is a list of its key resources.

  • 10 Installs
  • 750k Monthly visit limit
  • 20 GB Storage

BigScoots Business

The last plan offered by BigScoots for their WordPress Hosting is called business. It has a monthly price of $220.06. This price is 100% justified by the resources and features you get with it. Along with the Managed Services.

Its specificities are listed below:

  • 20 Installs
  • 1.5 million monthly visits
  • 200 GB of storage

BigScoots 90% Discount Coupon

The pricing plans of BigScoots are not only well-designed but also supportive of the end customer. That is why all of them are priced fairly. However, BigScoots still offers additional discounts to make it easier for you people.

These discounts are offered in the form of BigScoots promo codes. Our coupons store has several active BigScoots promo codes at the moment. BigScoots manages to offer discounts on multiple occasions throughout the year.

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To use this code, you can look up the guide on our coupons store. The steps are simple. Copy this code, go to the BigScoots website, and select a plan to buy. After that paste the code you copied in its designated box at the checkout page.

BigScoots WordPress Hosting Review: Final Words

In this BigScoots review, we talked about how amazing BigScoots as a company is. The WordPress Hosting offered by them is one of the best in the entire industry. Not only does it include useful resources, but you also get some premium features without any charges.

The 90% discount promo code is also mentioned above. The details of how to use it are provided. In short, BigScoots WordPress hosting is the best option for those who use WordPress.