9 Best Practices for Managing Remote Marketing Team

There are few best practices that need to be followed when managing remote marketing team.

1)  Leverage smart hiring practices

Make sure to identify the right hiring methodology that is able to answer questions like whom are your hiring, why are you hiring and whether the prospect is keen on working with your company.

2)  Employee engagement

If you are able to keep your employees engaged and are able to own up to them, irrespective of the pandemic situation, you can be assured of the profits as compared to the losses.

3)  Build flexible marketing plan

A Manager has to keep the team on track by creating the right marketing plans.  Building SEO friendly content, building social media presence will aid in achieving the marketing goals.

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4)  Implementing remote work policy

It is indeed a substantial step if you are going to remote control your team.  Create some clear ground rules so that your team works efficiently and honestly without wasting man hours.

5)    Organising periodic virtual meetings

Team meetings are important for effective communication and these virtual meetings can be held over Zoom or skype and so on.

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6)    Incorporating technology for sales team’s collaboration

Marketing and sales teams go hand in hand and they have a single focused goal that is generating sales leads.

7)    Using optimum tools for work efficiency in a remote team

Significant impact has been created by technology in the manner in which business functions.  Incorporating the right marketing and collaboration tools will enable the effective working of a team.

Irrespective of the software that the company uses, it has to be open and transparent.  This enables the employer to keep a track of the employees through remote connection. The number of man hours keyed in, idle hours, websites visited and so on can be identified with the right tracking software.

8)    Cultivating a culture of hosting as well as attending virtual events

With online conferences and meetings getting popularity, companies now rely on online and virtual meetups, workshops, training and so on.  If the marketing team wishes to have an online event or create a game plan or discuss topics with the marketers, all this is possible.

9)    Open communication channels for clients

Clients are obviously going to approach the corporates for answers.  Any temporary closure of your office should not affect the customer experience, hence remote marketing tools should be equipped with the latest technology so as to fulfil the demands of the consumer.