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New Parking Systems That Everyone Will Use

Parking is a worldwide problem which is connected with traffic. If everything was autonomous, we would be able to cut down the waiting time by 70% at least. This has become a more serious topic when automated parking systems were introduced. There are multiple systems that have their own role but they are still expensive for some regions. You can find them in most private buildings that can afford the installation but manufacturers are working on cutting down the cost.

Ticketless parking is a part of it which isn’t so expensive nowadays when technology is improved. The benefits would be greater if every car park had an autonomous system where you don’t have to wait for the spot and spend less time finding one. Many manufacturers are renting these systems which can be very useful for large organizations. People still need to work a lot on solving the parking problem but for now they are doing a good job.

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Automatic Parking System Features

Not every system is the same because every manufacturer has their own way of doing it but they have the same goal. They use cameras that are capable of recognizing cable plates at the entrance and exit. Most of them have some kind of payment plan so it won’t benefit you too much if you don’t use it frequently. When it comes to automated parking system, the efficiency comes with small moving units that can effortlessly fit on any floor. On the traditional two parking spaces, you are able to place sixteen cars by using a lift system. Of course, this wouldn’t be able without certain software.

If you have the budget to buy it, it isn’t something that will take a long time to make. It is capable of lifting heavy equipment but it’s only meant for cars. One way you can compare it is with multi-story parking. The price and the space used are cut down with an automated parking system. They don’t need any ramps you have to drive through. The height of the system is reduced to the minimum because you don’t need space for the passengers like at multi-story parking places. There aren’t any stairs and lifts for pedestrians.

Safety is one of the biggest reasons why there should be more of these systems. Because only the car is at the parking spot, there isn’t any place for people to walk by your car and try something suspicious. Besides that, it won’t happen that your car gets scratched by another car. You won’t need to drive around to find a free space which saves money in the long term.

Semi and Fully-automated Parking Systems

The same mechanism is used for fully and semi-automated parking systems. It requires driver assistance to place the car into the system. Space and cost is the main difference between semi and fully-automated APS. Places, where you can park around 100 cars, will usually be fully automated. Semi type is placed on smaller areas where it isn’t profitable to build a multi-story garage.

With fully-automated systems, the car gets lifted when the passengers leave the entry area. The payment is done nearby in an automated terminal. It can recognize the dimensions of the car and find a spot for it. In order to get the car back, you need to use a code or ticket you received. The idea behind the fully-automated system is to have 0 employees. Read more on that here.

Ticketless Parking Benefits

You won’t need any parking operators at the gate because the license plate is registered by a camera when a vehicle approaches. The ramp opens automatically and they can drive in the free space. There aren’t any investments for operators that have to use control devices. Also, there’s no requirement for paper tickets because everyone has a smartphone now. You will see less long-term parking clients because it won’t be as beneficial as now because the waiting time will be down to the minimum.

When you have a ticketless parking system management, you won’t need to wait and standby until you make the payment. Everything is done through the mobile app. By only applying your license plate and payment option, you are set for a long period of time. For some time, people will still use some traditional methods because it takes time to adapt to changes but at a certain point, everyone will use automated systems. The process is done based on the license plate that works as a ticket.

Besides spending less time finding a spot, users of these parking services are very satisfied with the overall process. If you wonder if someone can get your license plate, most of these systems work by deleting the data after you exit. People will probably get used to these systems and they won’t be that satisfied as now so that isn’t the most important thing. The essential thing is to have more practical parking spaces that are more efficient.

What to Expect?

Parking service has improved a lot in the last couple of years and manufacturers are still finding new ways to make it more profitable and acceptable. One thing that we can expect is that the car will make a smarter decision when it comes to parking. Fully autonomous vehicles are expected in the next 10 years and they will include autonomous parking. Even the apps that we use today won’t be needed when the car has its own way of finding a parking spot.

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Another thing that can happen is that you will have autonomous vehicles that will work as a taxi so you won’t need a parking spot. They will just drop you off and go to the next location. Once you demand a vehicle, a new one will be around the corner. The problem is that we don’t have the energy needed to supply that number of vehicles so when the energy becomes cheaper, we can expect changes. Sharing vehicle isn’t always a smart idea so they still need to figure out how it can be efficient for everyone.