6 SEO Measures Every Local Business must Follow

The Internet has its global reach and in order to make sure your local business is known to the world, you need to make the most of the internet. But if it makes sense for you stay local in your community that can be worked upon too, by the means of SEO.

Follow these measures for making the most of the SEO.


  • Put up your location in keywords


You should begin by putting up your location in keywords. For instance, if you are based in Singapore and you deal with life insurance, then your keyword should be life insurance Singapore. This is because it includes both your business and location and will help people search for your service if they live in that area. While on the SEO, if you want to get some SEO proposal Singapore ready for furthering the process, visit this website today!


  • Put up your location in metatags


Metatags are great for search engines and make the most of it by putting up your location in this along with your other keywords being used on your site. Certainly, your location must be mentioned in the body text as well or else it may look a bit fictitious when your body text doesn’t entail your location as keyword, which brings us to the next point.


  • Put up your location in body text


Keywords matter a lot and you cannot afford to neglect them in any way. If your website is inclined to insurance only, you will not rank higher with life insurance Singapore. So ensure that the location is put up in body text keywords as well.


  • Make the most of Google places and Yahoo Local


These are the best places to submit to as they would readily include you in their listings for a certain location.


  • Build backlinks by including your location as anchor text


This can be a tad bit tricky to work with as keywords with location don’t sound natural too and is grammatically incorrect as well. This lands up in getting the organic inline link with much difficulty but this can be used in the Name field so as to comment on your blogs. If the latter is do follow, then it can be easy to get a backlink along with an anchor text that comes in handy for SEO purposes as well.


  • Get listed in local directories


Try to get yourself listed in local directories. You may wonder if anyone reads it, but many people do. Sometimes it is more like Yellow Pages when someone is looking for your contact details.