Need To Know: CAFM Vs. CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are becoming increasingly popular in successful organizations. The system creates an efficient database management system for your business or organization, and it does it with minimum complications. On the other hand, Computer-Aided Facility Management applications (CAFM) make it easier for organizations to streamline their maintenance departments using information technology. In most texts, you’ll find the acronyms CMMS, and CAFM used interchangeably. Read on to learn more about CAFM and CMMS solutions.


In essence, there are many similarities cutting across the two software terms, but there are several subtle and critical differences separating CMMS from CAFM. The main prerogative of this post is to inform and enlighten the reader on the minute but profound differences between the two database management tools. The post will also delve into the million dollar question of how organizations use CMMS and CAFM applications to streamline and optimize their management processes.

While the two software systems are specially built to revamp and improve the various processes inside businesses and organizations, CMMS and CAFM applications have the following unique differences.

Defining CAFMs

CAFM is widely found in the real estate and automated industries. The application plays an integral role in aiding factory bosses and managers to strategize better and plan their business facilities. For instance, a realtor finds it convenient to use such tools to integrate data from numerous real estate portfolios in one platform. The integration platform enables the realtor or facility manager to track how the assets in their organization are being used.

Merits of CAFM Software

The application aids organizations to save plenty of cash by streamlining the repetitive repairs and preventive maintenances schedules. The management software also aids in making sure your organization always stays one step ahead with special regards to compliance issues. Also, this management optimizing technology makes it easier for organizations to monitor all their work orders. The technology tools help to curb fraud as every cent used by the various processes in the organization has to be monitored and tracked. CAFM is more concerned with identifying and tracking the emerging patterns and trends in your locations. The managers can then use that privileged analytics and data to make better, more informed decisions.

Customized Databases

Recently, these impressive management tools have started being applied in new ways in HR departments. The software is commonly being used to make critical hiring and remuneration decisions. The user can create a database containing all the pertinent information and data about past clients, suppliers, and other important contacts on a CAFM application.

CMMS and their Pros

CMMS Software is often considered an offshoot of CAFM applications and the former mostly focuses on optimizing the maintenance processes within an organization. This platform paints a candid snapshot of the organizations’ processed and unprocessed work orders, and also helps managers to monitor the past and present maintenance decisions.

Installation Help

To get the most out of these intuitive business management database software tools, CAFM or CMMS, it’s imperative you hire an astute technician to help you in picking the best version and to teach you how to install and integrate the DBMS software. The technician should also show you how to interpret the analytics and data received from the tools to help optimize your management processes.