Knowledge of HTML is Crucial for SEO Success

Once content has been finalized for a site, HTML must be taken care of in ample measure. It is also one of the most important deciding factors in a proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. It is not important to be a professional programmer for getting the best HTML done but not knowing the basics can be harmful. One can easily get the basics of it by visiting a few free resources on the net and use them for the purpose. Alternately, learning some HTML code quick reference for a job can also be enough according to a NZ SEO service company. There are four parts of an HTML that needs to be optimized for each and every content on the site. They are as follows.

    • Title Tags – These are nothing but the title or the headlines. They are the ones that show when a browser opens a new page. Every page should have one title that should be clear for Google to identify it properly. For a blog, it is termed as the h1 tag which is a heading for the first order.
    • Meta Description – The meta description of an HTML SEO is a 160 character text snippet that shows the description of a website in a Google search result. Meta descriptions that have been optimized usually feature a content’s keyword and show how well an SEO job has been performed.
    • Subheads – Subheads help in structuring content and help in making the necessary formats. It provides readers with easy reference points so that a page can be understood well. Compared to an h1 tag, h2, h3, and h4 may have less SEO capability, but still, they can be a lot helpful. Moreover, in WordPress, subheads matter a lot.
    • Schema – It can be thought of as an association of many different search engines. It can be regarded as a subset of definite HTML tags which can improve the manner in which Search Engines Results Page (SERP) shows a content.

Having gone through these points, one can see why HTML is considered to be so important to an SEO Company Ahmedabad. Therefore, it’s usefulness just cannot be undermined for any desired SEO job.