Key Advantages of the Shopify Platform

Building your first online store is a huge challenge. Even if you have some ambitious ideas and great products that you want to sell, it is a monumental hurdle that you will need to overcome. Not every company has enough money to spend thousands of dollars on an outside business to build their ecommerce platform from the ground up.

It is why Shopify is so popular. It makes ecommerce easy, and there are so many quality Shopify developers in the area who are able to help when you need certain elements added or tweaked on your site. Here are a few key advantages of the Shopify platform:

  1. Easy Setup and Use

If you talk with any of the Shopify experts in Toronto, such as Optasy, they will recommend the platform over other ecommerce options. The reason is because Shopify works hard to ensure that you can do more with less knowledge.

You don’t have to worry about development costs or server expenses, which is a problem with Magneto and other platforms. Shopify delivers a clean interface for setting up your site and dealing with the administrative side of the process.

  1. Tech Novices Are Welcome

When you are setting up a site on Shopify, we do recommend that you consult with Shopify experts in Toronto like Optasy. They will help you with the initial aspect of getting your site up and running. They will also have tips on your site’s theme, plugins and other content that will give you a leg up on the competition.

But once the initial work is done, you don’t have to come running to Shopify developers each time you need a problem solved. Launching and running a simple store on Shopify is so easy that even a tech novice will be able to manage their site. Plus the platform’s hosting capability ensures that even if you get a lot more traffic than expected, your site will be responsive and quick to access.

  1. Great Support

When you are using Shopify, you can enjoy 24/7 customer support. It is incredible that you could be up at 3am working on your site and call about a problem that you are unable to solve. The tech support professional will walk you through what needs to get done. This support is available through email, chat or over the phone.

  1. Mobile Sites

Some platforms may ignore mobile sites within ecommerce. But Shopify takes it very seriously. The company knows that more users shop on their smartphones than desktops these days.

When you are building and running a site on Shopify, your pages will look great and be very easy to access on mobile browsers. Your site will be secure, quick, and very simple to navigate for mobile users.

If you are serious about building your very first ecommerce site, then you will want to use Shopify over the other contenders. It is the easiest ecommerce platform to learn, while it offers great features and excellent support.