6 Key Travel Trends to Watch for in 2019:

The persons who seek to travel are the soul wanderers. As this is a fresh start of a new year, you have a whole year in your hand. Start planning for this upcoming year. Some of you might have already opened your travel diary of this year. But there are different trends every year that shapes the travel framework of the year. We all do not have financial sounding on an equal scale. But, that should never kill your travel bug inside you. There are certain travel trends that the travel agencies launch every year for every kind of people. Following those will help you to shape you’re travelling plan for the coming year. Such trends will help you explore more this year in limited time as they precise the best plans for you. Here are 6 key travel trends to follow to give your 2019 the best travel chapter of your tour book.

1) Travelling to places triggering your Conscience: As people are growing with the new and upcoming economy ideas, they are also changing their travel itineraries and planning. There is a key trend that is going on from recent past- sustainable tourism. There have been places that have become famous as tourists visit those places more than once. But as travelling time is very precious, it is best to discover new places every time. Plan to travel a place for once and witness everything that the place has. Now, social issues are playing key role to choose travelling destinations. Waste management and support for LGBTQ spectrum are two of the most trending shades of sustainable tourism. The list includes heritage preservation as well. SO, this year, choose a place that will touch your conscience and make you a more flexible and responsible person.

2)  Be technically dependent to locate your travel place: 2019 has already started to reveal its technical advancement plans that are in the year book. This year will show how artificial intelligence can identify virtual reality and even speech recognition with Google Alexa. Such advancement will help you out with your holiday planning. Online booking for transport and residential facilities are available now –a-days. So once you have selected a place for your next holiday, first you book the train tickets and place to stay. You never know, you might get keyless access to the hotel rooms through your phone to choose your favourite rooms to book as well. Language is also having a very useful transformation through technology. Now, a robotic concierge will communicate with you in your mother language for a clear understanding. When you are travelling by air, certain app helps you to check your luggage safety in the cabin as well. SO, days are over when you accidentally lose your luggage and you cannot blame to anyone.

3) An increasing demand of Tailor Made Packages: When you travel with packaged tourism, you have many advantages that solo travelling fails to provide. An ABTA survey revealed that last year 60% people had chosen packaged travelling for the best value option. SO, the priority position has shifted. People are demanding and choosing safety over money. Travel packages do not limit the advantages to the cost savings. They provide you with safety and reassurance of the travel operator as well. The demand of bespoke travelling is increasing and it will be a trendsetter travel plan for the upcoming year for sure. With agents everywhere and their easy available contact options, you can get all the detail of your package sitting at home. They will even customize and provide you plan according to your watch and pocket as well. Travelling options like Redbus coupons can give you a comfort journey on road at almost every tourist place. Forget about availing these facilities before, people would have never imagined such affluence in travelling ever.

4) Urge for paths less-travelled: Even a decade or two ago, people had a tendency to go to places that other people have already travelled. But, there has been a trend of exploration that is reining in this recent travel plans. People are now indulging more into discovery of places that are still virgin. People are turning more into travellers than tourists and 2019 will see more of these people. Uninvited territories and offbeat places are more on the year’s travel book this year. There is another charm of exploring a new city or a new geographical area and people have started tasting such delicacies. There are more coming this 2019. You might go to a known place but discover an unknown beauty there. And this is also helping the tourisms for the place. As, people carry travel diary now with them, they write travel blog about new places. This attracts people but moreover, these inspire people to step out and explore.

5) The pioneering tourism- Wellness Tourism: On previous days, people travelled or went to tours for relaxation. To spend some quality time or to reduce the monotony of life, people went for holidays. But, the prime reason behind travelling is changing rapidly. Doctors now-a-days are prescribing holidays as the remedy of certain kinds of illness. So, from general tourism, the wellness tourism is growing its industry as well. Travelling to places are becoming effective medication for certain illnesses, psychological illness to be precise. Certain cuisines and atmospheres are becoming medicines for certain ailments that is leading people to travel to those places. Yoga is a very trending medication for people having disturbed mind. So, places that are entering under the wellness tourism are also opening certain options to draw and give people effective results of their prescription as well.

6) The ‘it’ factor of the year- Cruise: Cruising is a symbol of prestige and class. But they are becoming available to avail for everyone now-a-days. So, the planners of sea oriented places are trying to include this facility to all travel packages so that every class of people can enjoy this heaven opportunity. In, 2019, cruise will become the ‘It’ factor of travelling in sea travelling for sure.

Travel bug is a disease in itself. Only those understand who have been suffering from this illness. Above plans are for those who are planning to fill their travel diary with beautiful memory this 2019.