Improve Your Safety Out on the Roads

In getting behind the wheel, are you confident that both you and the vehicle are promoting safety?

For the driver, his or her actions go a long way in determining how many accidents will take place.

Meantime, the vehicle itself plays a role. Vehicles that are not kept in good shape can prove a hazard to their drivers and others sharing the road with them.

To improve your safety out on the roads, stop for a moment and think about your role in keeping you and others safe.

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Is Your Vehicle Fit for the Roads?

In reviewing your vehicle, here are a few things you want to focus in on:

  • Sightlines – Make sure you have clear views of everything around you when you go to pull out or go in reverse. For example, consider a backup camera system in your vehicle if you do not already have one. The backup camera allows you to get a clear view of what is going on behind you when you prepare to go in reverse. This reduces the chances of hitting another vehicle or someone walking behind you.

  • Lights – Even one taillight or headlight that is out can prove a problem. Although you may not know a light is out until someone informs you, check your lights on a regular basis. When driving at night or in the fog having a light out can be the lead up to an accident.

  • Windows – Are you someone who has a habit of having dirty windows or even cracks in them? If so, this can make the chances of an accident occurring more prevalent. Take the time to clean your windows and also repair any noticeable cracks.
  • Tires and brakes – Your tires and brakes both play major roles in keeping you and others safe out on the roads. With your tires, be sure they are at the right inflation levels at all times. Tires that are not inflated to the right levels can lead to an accident. The same is true for tires without minimal or no tread. As for your brakes, take your vehicle into the shop when the brakes begin squeaking on a regular basis. This is a sign that they are wearing down and are in need of attention.

How Good Are Your Driving Habits?

Along with the condition of your vehicle, never take for granted your driving habits?

Do you have a tendency to speed, tailgate, and swerve in and out of lanes?. While a little speeding is not unusual, don’t make a habit of it.

Also make sure you are someone who steers clear of drinking and driving.

You think you are fine to drive after a few drinks, but statistics oftentimes show otherwise. Along with the potential of an accident, a DUI conviction can cost you your license, a heavy fine, and even jail.

Last, are you someone who rents a car often for business or pleasure?

If so, keep in mind that all vehicles vary when it comes to how to operate them. Take a few minutes to get familiar with your rental so that you are comfortable with it once out on the road.

In looking to improve your safety out on the roads, you and your vehicle want to be a winning and safe team.