Buying Twitter followers is more popular than ever.

Did you know that famous actors, musicians, and even businesses buy Twitter followers in the UK to look more professional? Well I know it may seem like old news, as the New York times exposed this little trick back in 2012… but still the majority of the population don’t know about it, so I wanted to write an article to show you how it works.

First things first, why would you ever even think about buying Twitter followers?

Well it’s very simple. It’s the concept of social proof. For example: Imagine if you are a florist in Sydney. You learned and learned and practiced your craft and profession for years. You got a loan from the bank to be able to open your own florist shop in Sydney, you worked really hard to make this happen. And when you start off, your shop is always empty. So people that walk by can see that you are new and not busy so they don’t want to take a risk and buy flowers in your new shop. They rather go to another florist who look busy.

The same applies if you own a restaurant. Imagine you are walking down the street on a Friday night, looking for a new place to try some new food. Would you rather go and try a restaurant which is really busy, with a line up outside, or try another one that is empty?

If the other restaurant is so busy, it must be really good right?

Exactly. How does that relate to buying Twitter followers?

When you buy Twitter followers either in the US or in the UK, it’s just like filling your restaurant with people, creating social proof that you are worth checking out. People see that you already have a lot of followers, so they trust you more, and will be more likely to follow your Twitter account and to buy your products and services.

Now that you know the benefit of buying Twitter followers, let’s how and where you can buy them.

Buy Twitter ads

Everyone can buy Twitter ads within minutes after creating their Twitter account. Just visit the link that I put in my previous sentence, login your Twitter account, and start buying ads. The great thing is that you can target the ads to only show to very specific people which are your potential customers. For example, if you are a florist in Melbourne, you can choose your ads to only show to males from 30-40 years old, living in Sydney, and you can only buy ads around Valentine’s Day if you wish to maximize revenues.

That way you target only people that might buy your service or product, and you get the best return on investment for your ads.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Yes. But there is an inconvenient. Buying Twitter ads are very expensive, way more expensive that buying Twitter followers. It can easily cost you up to $1000 or even $2000 to get 1000 followers, and it doesn’t even mean that they will buy from you…

That is not very fun for small business owners who are just getting started, as they most likely just quit their job to launch their business and have a very limited budget… so what does this mean, if you don’t have a big budget, you should just not use Twitter at all? Is there any other way you can speed up the process and look more professional quickly?

Yes there is: you can buy Twitter followers. I explain how in the next paragraph.

Buying Twitter followers is easy

Yes, buying Twitter followers in the UK or in the United states is easy and very quick, and it’s cheap and affordable too!

Here is how it works:

When you have time, go on Google and do a search for ‘where to buy Twitter followers in the UK’. You will find listed on the first page of Google about 10 different companies selling Twitter followers in the UK or in the US. I suggest that you visit each of these websites and read their landing pages, faq pages and see if they have a contact page too if you wish to ask them questions before buying.

I recommend that you always communicate with the seller prior to buying, as there are quite a lot of bad websites from overseas offering a bad service. It’s also always better to pay a little more money and make sure that the company you use are using real marketing techniques to promote your account and not cheap automated methods. In other words, stay away from companies who promise you large amount of followers for too cheap like 10 000 Twitter followers for only $5… That is clearly suspicious and you know they will be using very cheap methods to get you these followers.

Any legitimate company charges at least 20$ for their smallest package of followers, usually around 500 or 1000 followers.

Also, I recommend buying from websites that look more modern and professional, at least you know they invest more money and effort into their business so they must have a better service too.


In conclusion, if your budget is over $1000 per month, you should definitely invest it to buy real Twitter ads, and start getting real customers. But if you are just starting out and have no budget at all, then investing $20 quickly to get 1000 Twitter followers is the smartest thing to do, that way you instantly look more popular and can start trying to find your first customers manually.