How to Play AVI Files on Mac?

This extract is going to tell you about the reasons why some of the AVI multimedia files fail to play in QuickTime along with other methods by which you can play AVIs on Mac OS X.

What are AVIs? 

There have been a lot of debates related to the best AVI Player Mac since the emergence of QuickTime and other similar apps. AVI is a form of media that has similarities with QuickTime but has a distinctive format of data. It was authentically known as a video for windows or VFW since the VFE format is supported by QuickTime. For more complications, a lot of DivX coded files have the extension of .avi. QuickTime dienst6have any local DivX aid although QuickTime 6 later assisted the standards developed by ISO for compressing media format and the DivX is largely dependent on the standard set by MPEG-4.

AVIs and QuickTime X 

The Mac OS X 10.6 is unsupported of the QuickTime X or QuickTime Player and it failed to aid third-party segments like the plug-ins. Although, the Snow Leopard has QuickTime player 7 just as an option to install.

In case you are already having a QuickTime pro key, the QuickTime Player 7 gets installed by itself and the most advanced features can be availed in the QuickTime player 7. If you don’t want to install the QuickTime player 7, the installation can be completed later on. Similarly, if you choose to launch a media file that needs the QuickTime player 7 you are provided the chance of installing it.

How can you play AVIs on Mac OS X

There are a few methods by which you can view the maximum AVI files which don’t play in the QuickTime player. However, not a single method out of the ones you discover is completely foolproof and a few AVI files still fail to play but some of the other methods will work.

How to play AVIs on Mac Using the Elmedia Player?

This is undoubtedly the simplest way for playing the AVI as well as DivX files on your Mac OS X which includes downloading and installing the free Elmedia player to run on Mac OS. It is one of the most well knownAvi players for Mac and has several attractive features.

This was some important information that you must have regarding the AVIs, QuickTime ad as well as the Elmedia player. As mentioned before, there is no method that can ensure you play all AVI files, but a handful of them are reliable.