GPS Devices & Car Accidents – Sounding Paradoxical?

Why are you bent on following what others do? And if it comes to GPS device, there is really a serious need to think twice that jumping onto the bandwagon is not always wise.

GPS navigation systems made a new sensation into the scenario of the modern automobile features. The system is now widely used by the car owners. However, the bad news about GPS is that several studies have found an intimate link between the system and car accidents.

When these reports are mentioned, ‘to err is human’ is the commonest excuse. This blog is intended to investigate why accidents take place due to GPS use.

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Having confidence is fine but getting overconfident is bad. Being overconfident about smartness of your GPS device is the commonest mistake on part of the motorists. You should accept the reality that this system – no matter, however advanced it is – is fallible. If their design is based on faulty satellite communication or inaccurate maps, they cannot provide you with accurate road guidelines. Even if the maps are not outdated, you may miss accurate information as some navigation and mapping details don’t consider road types.

These are software errors and make a distance between two particular points look the shortest one whereas in reality, it is an unpaved private drive. If this mistake is not recognized by your GPS system, the road is likely to be added to your route.

This reasons why many motorists find themselves in unsafe zones such as train tracks and artificial lakes. If you blindly believe that whatever your GPS device tells you is correct, you are less likely to identify if anything goes wrong.

That feel of overconfidence may cause car crashes as the drivers literally follow the instructions by their GPS devices. ‘Make a U-turn if possible’ is a warning that may see some drivers ramming into the ongoing traffic.


About 25-30% of 1.2 million auto accidents in the USA are caused due to distracted driving. It is a common morning sight for us to see the drivers enjoying a cup of tea/or coffee, reading newspaper, using cell phones and doing others things while driving. According to a revelation by the Network of Employees for Traffic Safety, bending to lift something from the car floor or spilling coffee is the leading cause of distraction during driving. Turning on music system may also cause distraction. If you have more devices in your car, it will increase the chance of car crash.


Almost everything in this world has both pros and cons. However, it is possible to avoid bad consequences if we recognize the disadvantages. Without any doubt, GPS device can guide you to your destination in a safe manner if a little groundwork is done before using the system. Adjust the system before hitting the road to avoid distraction. Also minimize the chance of distraction by making some changes suggested by a passenger during a trip.

Look at the maps and follow the road signs. GPS is a programmed device and cannot replace human intelligence.  Rely on your instinct if it says something is wrong.

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