Etherecash: A revolution to Cryptocurrency System

When blockchain technology was introduced in 2008, it completely transfigured the financial sector by making payments fast, easy and secure. Well, now Etherecash is all set torestructure the financial sector and take it to a whole new level by maneuvering blockchain technology and with it, several other benefits and facilities. Etherecash is all set to provide a future-proof solution to all the inconveniences thrust by the current financial system by providing ease in fund transfer, currency exchange, investments, loans etc. 

A bit about Etherecash

Its multi crypto debit card is the first of the kind that enables consumers to put multiple currencies on a single platform and use it to withdraw cash, shopping or make payments. Easy to use and compatible with all major bank ATMs, it’ll surely be of paramount importance when travelling abroad. Other than this, the peer to peer loan facility directly connects the lender and investee thereby eliminating the need of third party/bank by making them sign a digital contract and thus offering higher returns to the lender and easy, hassle-free approval of aloan to the investee.

Your investment is secure with Etherecash

Etherecash is essentially a tamper-proof and failure tolerant technology that is capable to run simultaneously at millions of devices across a network. It leverages a consensus validation before adding any transaction to the chain and once the transaction has been verified, it is recorded and further cannot be reversed or changed thus establishing trust and liability to its users. With all these world-class facilities, Etherecash is for sure going to revolutionize the current financial system and provide a tranquil finance service to the coming generation.

Etherecash is yet to hit the mainstream market in 2019, and it has already raised funds up to 40 million USD by now. Thus, don’t delay, log into etherecash.io and avail the early benefits.