Digital Marketing: Strategies for 2018 and Beyond

So, it’s the middle of 2018. Most of the companies have had made plans for their marketing strategy and some have already started implementing them.

Every year strategies are changed by companies as every year customers’ behavior and demand changes and to meet with the orientation of the customer new plans are made.

What are the strategies of 2018?

Suppose, today if a company is thinking to put any advertisement, they will proactively move to mobile advertising rather than advertising in the desktop; this is because there is going to be 6% less demand of desktop over the end of 2018. The device which is mostly used to access internet these days is mobile. So, to stay on the market and get the benefit, mobile is the best device to take advantage of in the changing digital marketing space.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Google, who were mobile-first companies, now they are turning into artificial intelligence (AI), and they are using those machines learning features to learn more about the customer’s need, and that would definitely help in making future marketing decisions.

Digital Marketing in Paid Search

It’s been Google, it is Google, and it is going to be Google again. With the help of Its AI technology, it is now differentiating commercial search and information search much better. They are putting a lot into machine learning.

Mobile Paid Search

Out of 10 smartphone owners, seven owners already did prior searches and had taken prior actions on the type of phone they want to purchase in-store. Those actions comprise of checking up the address, making a call, or checking the phones reviews and so on. It is seen that people who click on the Google advisor’s advertisement before they visit a shop, 25% of them mostly buy something while visiting the shop.

Therefore, with the number of mobile users getting higher every day, in 2018 mobile paid search advertisements is showing signs of more shinning.

Display advertisement in Digital Marketing

Display advertisement in the digital world spending reached $37.20 billion, and it is expecting to go beyond $41.87 in 2018. In the US over 80% of display spending is done alone on programmatic display ads.

As Google and Microsoft are AI companies and trying different AI environments, they also need the AI to work on the mobile devices as mobile devices are crazily used by their users, and they spend hours on them.

Therefore, companies like, with their digital marketing strategy stays one step ahead of other digital companies and make sure that people working with them stay ahead of their competitors.