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If You Have Old iPhones you can Try to Sell Them to a Company on the Internet

Prior to selling or trading an iPhone or other device, you need to remove all personal information. The other information that is probably on the iCloud, you should not manually delete while signed into iCloud with your Apple ID. This is information that you may want for the next device you will be using.


To find all the different places that will buy your iPhone, you just need to do a Google search and you will probably get a list of many places that want to buy. Just do a simple search term such as “buy iPhone”. This has become the up and coming business, so expect quite a few places that are interested.

Best price

When selling an old iPhone, the next thing that you need to do is find who will give you the most money. This is a competitive market, so if you research the different buyers, you will probably get more money on the sell iPhone than you think. They should also send you all the postage and material that you will need to package and mail your iPhone. They will also email you with further information or send information when they send you the packaging materials.

Other devices

A lot of these businesses will also buy other Apple devices such as iPads and iPods. So, if you have any of these that are just cluttering up your office or home, this is a good way to make cash for something that you obviously aren’t using anymore. Some of these same places will also give you a quote on Android devices so check on this also.

Good reviews

Any of the companies you are considering selling your items to, make certain they are reputable. For example, do they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureaus? Do they have any customer reviews listed on their website?  How fast to they pay, and will they pay by check to you or directly to your bank account? These are things you need to know when doing business with a company that you have never worked with before.