Delivering superior customer service experiences, every time

Field service management software is a term which is starting to appear in business technology conversations with increasing frequency, and there is an excellent reason why. Field service software is a mobile workforce management product. It provides business of all sizes and in all customer facing sectors the ability to connect and be in synchronisation with events that are happening on-site and in real time, no matter where the customer of your service agent is located location in relation to your offices or call centre. Field service software Australia is the key that unlocks the ability to manage and deliver superior customer service.

In its most basic form, these products enable hugely efficient mobile workforce management capabilities. In doing so they vastly improve both service deliverability and production productivity. They enable this by utilising mobile technology connectivity to collate and distribute the data required to improve field service operations. That means that it delivers full control to the service employees whilst at the same time allowing you to track their activities, their progress, review and job estimates, monitor performance and much, much more.

As an effective method of managing your mobile workforce, the software can deliver reports on each individual’s activities as well as providing a user dashboard to assist executives and managers by enabling them to review business activities and to monitor which areas are performing well as well as determining which areas aren’t doing so good. Smarter software solutions also include advanced functionality that can for example map employee capabilities or qualifications to specific jobs, identify areas in need of improvement, monitor day-to-day activities and performance, and both schedule and monitor the continuous movement and location of business assets such as company vehicles and on-loan or hire products such generators, cranes, motor cruisers and so on. In summary, data and information about your whole business and about your customer requirements is at the fingertips of you and key personnel in your team whenever you need it.

And now for some of the specific benefits. First and foremost, field service software enables faster, and smarter automated decision making and scheduling. Without it, the ability to make the right scheduling decisions takes large amounts of time and as you’ll probably know it also requires lots of expensive resources. In sharp contrast, software schedulers can multiply the effectiveness of your workforce. The also mean that your coordinators and management personnel have unprecedented work visibility and job insight, into both current work and into past jobs, and especially beneficial … towards future projects.

Operators of service-oriented businesses will be all too wise to the fact that each time a technician is dispatched to site, it is regarding as a costly business expense. These new software products can minimise the requirements for multiple site visits by giving each field engineer a complete work history, by customer, as well as including asset tracking information and job specific documentation. Having first of all eliminated a lot of paperwork, this also enables co-ordinating staff to monitor each service job in real-time if required, so enabling engineers and service technicians to access whatever information they require with their own mobile device.

This enables the holy grail of customer services; job order and inventory management capabilities provide accurate information, they ensure that the correct parts and equipment required to achieve a first-time fix rate is high, the person best suited to the job is dispatched, the work gets done in the minimum of time and customer satisfaction is maximised.