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8 Best Whatsapp Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Whatsapp is the best messaging app which we all love to use. Its simplicity and features make it so. It is a secured and thus reliable app for peer to peer messaging service. The ability to form groups of up to 256 members, ability to send GIFs, edit images, notification management, etc. are some of the great features, which the treasure of Whatsapp beholds. There are many more such features and tonnes of tricks which you can use in WhatsApp. If we talk about the Whatsapp mod then you must say GB Whatsapp Apk is the best one. Even you can download here as well. Here is a list of such convenient tips and tricks which can make your WhatsApp experience better. And do you know how does whatsapp make money? Check the link.

1● Story Status Privacy

Daily stories – Status was a great addition to WhatsApp. You can update stories for 24 hours. In case you want some particular people to either watch it or not, you can change your audience. Go to privacy setting, and then on Status privacy. You will get three options, My Contacts, My contacts except…, Only share with… Choose according to need.

2● Send a message without coming online

It is one of the best tricks. For this, set up your Google Assistant first. Then ask Google assistant this – “Send a WhatsApp message to” and then say the contact name you wish to send the message. The assistant will then ask you for the message, and as you complete dictating the message, the message will be delivered without you being online.

3● Delete sent messages

The most awaited yet annoying update to WhatsApp was deleting sent messages. You can remove any message, sent in 1 hour! If the message has been quoted, it is unlikely to be unsent. This best works in a group, even if some have read your message, you can still delete it for everyone.

4● Read deleted messages

The delete sent message feature is sometimes annoying. If you wish to see those deleted messages, use a notification log app. Give access to read messages and the app will keep a detailed log of your notification, thus saving the deleted messages as well.

5● Live location

Whatsapp introduced location feature, which can be used to share your location to any of your contact list friends. You can also use it to share your live location as well. For this, choose location sharing and in the following tab, click on “share live location” and then select time, which is 15 minute, 1 hour and 8 hours.

6● Pin and hide chats

Want to highlight someone’s chat for frequent use? Select the conversation and click in “Pin” sign on the top toolbar, to pin the chat. Though there is no “hide” feature in WhatsApp, you can use Archive to hide it. Select the chat and click on “Archive” sign. The chat will shift to bottom most of the chat menu, inside “Archive chats.”

7● Delete in a bulk

Often we come in situations where we need to delete a particular groups photos, videos, audios, and documents. To do so in bulk, go to settings and then to “Data and storage usage,” select “storage usage” and then from the list select the required group. You can choose and delete any data of that particular group, that too in bulk.

8● Manage Notification sound

You can select notification sound for groupsor contacts. This update comes with Android Oreo. Just visit app info page, and set it accordingly.