What You Should Know About the New XLR Standard

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Neutrik XLR connectors are the most well-known series of products manufactured by Neutrik and have provided the professional audio industry with a unique yet straightforward concept in connector aspects. We introduced our first XLR product 30 years ago. Today it is the accepted standard worldwide.

White XLR cables are part of almost every aspect of professional audio; as a microphone connector, in lighting systems, and found in nearly every piece of sound devices in the entertainment industry. The outstanding success of XLR products is Neutrik’s blend of innovation with the highest quality performance.

A Glance into The Future

Neutrik’s success story began with constructing the prototype of a new XLR female cable connector. The X series’ further development leading to the XX levels with the unique protection against copying, the hologram, is based on this million times sold X series. The next generation of audio connectors will offer unique features and benefits based on the small and innovative design.

  • The coming generation of the worldwide accepted standard 
  • device
  • specific room type female contact – enlarge conductivity
  • Female relation with solder stop for ease of attaching
  • Male connector without locking– more robust housing, increases permanence.
  • Improved chuck type strain relief – improves retention force and makes assembly more comfortable and faster.
  • New ground contact – excellent contact integrity between chassis and cable connector 
  • Customized branding using the translucent ring
  • Sleek and ergonomic design – valuable
  • Unique hologram – guarantees genuineness and protects against counterfeits.
  • Internal thread on the shell is well prevented against any other damage.
  • Three pole male / female XLR cable connector with an integrated capacitive shield to shell connection to avoid RF-interference and LF-noise
  • 360° shield contact on female connector ensures best possible shielding and chassis contact 
  • Avoid ground curve as there is no LF-shield relation to the ground 
  • Patented

Microphone Cables

NEGLEX Quad Mic. Cables

NEGLEX type Quad Cables have been implemented for the highest quality recording applications where the full definition of recorded sound is of critical benefit. Unique proprietary materials & construction methods make that state-of-the-art mic. SC and digital recording. ASIC matters of flexibility, microphonics, and shielding effect have been designed to meet international professional requirements. A Balanced quad structure is useful for high definition sound transmission as well as in cancelling electromagnetic induction affected by nearby equipment such as flood light projection. Therefore, it is well adapted to motion pictures and TV studios. 

Low-Cost High-Performance Super Flexible Balanced Mic. Cables

A specially developed high performance yet the economic level of low impedance balanced microphone cables. These cables are small in size, and the unique rubber‐like PVC jacket is extremely flexible and provides better resistance to rough handling and abrasion. The high-grade insulation material is designed to minimize heat shrinkage during soldering, allowing easy termination to white XLR cable type connectors. Available in both overall and individually shielded types.

Stereo Mic. Cable

Stereo microphone cable comprises more extensive and mechanically more robust cores for those who need stereo wiring at stage recording etc. to get rid of tangling problems. The OD of each channel is 5.8mm(0.189″) to relieve any anxiety about the mechanical strength of separated cores connected to each XLR 3P audio connectors when compared with a regular 2-core snake cable.