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What to Consider When Buying Blowers for Factories

You need industrial blowers for different purposes such as ventilation, combustion, aeration, cooling, exhaust and much more. However, not every blower will be the best fitting for every purpose because they come in different sizes and capacities. Thus you need to consider a few factors before you go ahead to make an investment in an industrial blower.

Following are some of the things to consider when buying a blower for your factory

The type of blower

There are two types of industrial blowers; the centrifugal and positive displacement blower.  Similar to the displacement pump that squeezes gas to increase pressure, positive displacement blowers use rotary screws. On the other hand, centrifugal pumps increase velocity and pressure by pushing the gas through impellers. When choosing an industrial blower, you have to consider the operational technique and the efficiency that perfectly suits your purpose.

The blades

Industrial blowers are made with both forward and backward inclined curved blades. The backward ones offer more efficiency compared to the forward ones. On the other hand, the forward blades have the ability to move large quantities of gas at high pressure. Therefore, it depends on what you are looking for; if you want high efficiency for a long period, then a blower with backward inclined blades is the perfect one for you. There are other self-cleaning types of blades like an airfoil and these are used for handling particular gasses and substances.

The flow capacity

While choosing industrial blowers, you need to consider this very important characteristic- the flow rate or flow capacity. It primarily depends on the operational efficiency of the blower or the amount of gas transferred by the blower per minute. The flow capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Port design

Different blowers are made for different purposes, they are job specific and therefore when buying one, you have to be mindful of the flange, the duct, both for the inlet and the outlet ports. Choose a blower that is designed for a specific job. In essence, ensure that the blowers match the existing plumbing.

Maximum operating pressure

Some industries require high gas blowing and these therefore will require that operate in high pressure. Get a blower with the specifications that meet this demand.

Go for extra features

There are some specific job requirements that would need a blower with particular specifications. These are diffusers, dampers and such, which are used to adjust the blower flow, reduce vibrations and noise.

When choosing industrial blowers, you need to be careful of the specifications of the particular blower. This will ensure that you get the right one that meets the factory demands.