What is telepresence technology?

Regardless if you are a new comer to interactive video or are searching to change your current solution, you’ve most likely encounter the word ‘telepresence’ inside your research. Telepresence is really a groundbreaking telecommunications offering that is setting new standards for visual collaboration.

An online meeting experience unlike every other, telepresence produces the illusion that remote participants have been in exactly the same room together. This effect is produced with a close configuration of huge screen video monitors, hidden cameras strategically placed to produce the look of direct eye-to-eye contact, consistent furniture plans across locations, and limited user interaction using the technology. The entire participant needs to do is enter the area, along with an existence-like meeting between attendees over the U.S. or even the globe can start.

As you may imagine, this kind of interactive video product is in the high-finish from the solutions in the marketplace today. This really is due partly towards the top quality images that are sent with a minimum of three high-definition codecs. Furthermore, some solutions give a completely immersive experience, since they have a “room inside a room” design. It makes sense a gathering so in keeping with existence, participants frequently feel like it really required place face-to-face and to be instantly everywhere.

The price of a telepresence solution has lately come lower slightly, and can vary with respect to the manufacturer. Not to mention, to operate effectively you will have to purchase several telepresence room. However, many telepresence solutions are actually standards based, so that they are suitable for other desktop or room based interactive video solutions that could already exist in your organization.

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Is telepresence suitable for my Business?

Telepresence technologies were initially introduced like a top-of-the-line interactive video solution created for high-level executive conferences. The concept was to produce a conference room atmosphere that delivered an event so in keeping with existence a professional can use the answer rather of spending money and time visiting conferences. A business will make an investment since the return would justify the cost.

A telepresence system can easily benefit upper-management, but it’s also helpful for other amounts of management. Like traditional interactive video, telepresence can enhance collaboration, leading to more effective conferences. And when management realizes the advantages of telepresence, this positive attitude could permeate through the organization, leading to an elevated utilization of other video systems.

Should you decide telepresence suits your organization, important things to consider incorporate your budget and the quantity of bandwidth available for you to allocate to video. You must also decide whether to utilize a dedicated in-house IT team to handle the gear, the network, and also the users, or maybe it will work better to delegate this for an experienced company.