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What is data loss and how to recover data like deleted pictures?

There occurs a lot of misunderstanding with people with regards to the concept of data loss. When one deletes a file he or she may simply recover the file from the recycle bin but consider a case wherein the data is also deleted from the recycle bin then, recovering the data is next to impossible without proper tools though the data is not listed in the device it is not deleted from the storage device.

The data loss can occur in two ways

  1. Logical Corruption:  in this type, the data cannot be accessed through the drives in spite of being displayed in the local disk manager. This data can be recovered if the disk has not suffered any severe damage and the internal structure is intact.
  2. Physical Corruption:  it is a permanent failure of the storage device where the complete access to the storage device is denied due to the equipment failure.

The data recovery works in such a way that all the uncorrupted or deleted data can be recovered by the use of specific picture recovery software tools like RecoveryRobot Photo Recovery to recover the data given that the data has not been overwritten or corrupted by viruses.

The storage device that we use is made of platters that have an arm that spins over it the platter to read or write data from it. The data cannot be recovered in case of failing arms or platters. But if there is no physical damage to the disk, then the data can be recovered.

If data gets deleted from the device it is not permanently deleted it can be recovered since it is present in the storage disk of the system. So we can use data recovery software to recover the deleted data by performing a deep scan on the disk by employing specific algorithms.

This picture recovery software supports all kind of storage devices including laptops, android os, backup drives, iPhones, tablets, memory card, USB, external drives, hard disk, etc. it is not guaranteed that the data can be recovered all the time since there is a high chance that they can be severely damaged, overwritten or heavily infected.

Thus anyone can recover their valuable data like photos and videos with the help of a picture recovery software with three simple steps which can be performed by anyone.

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Mahendra T
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