Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Founded in 1987 is a Chinese designated global technological company, firmly headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Its job is to stylize, innovate, develop, and produce automation appliances and consumer-friendly gadgets. One of its creations is Fast Identity Online (FIDO), a calibrated set of general high-tech detailed statements for the implementation of authenticating users to online services that are not dependent on passwords. fido apk file authentication aims to safeguard the usage of native security potentials of the user’s device to reduce reliability on passwords and to permit strong user authentication. HUAWEI FIDO apk file helps provide the user’s app with FIDO2 based on the WebAuthn quality and level. It allows the users to have safe, convenient, and practical password-free accessibility to their devices while guaranteeing reliable authentication results.

FIDO2 assists in providing the following functions:

  • Provides Android Java and WebAuthn-based APIs for FIDO2 clientele implementation.
  • Supports unlock through meandering authenticators, such as NFC, Bluetooth, and USB authenticators.
  • Supports standard, speedy, and practical authenticators, such as 3D facial recognition, and fingerprint authenticators.
  • Takes the system uprightness check for unlocking through FIDO2 authentication ways, guaranteeing more reliable validation.


  • Makes use of encryption key verification, to guarantee the certainty and accuracy of authentication results.
  • Similar to WebAuthn, it takes the honesty check of the system to use the means of more reliable, BioAuthn authentication.
  • BioAuthn provides access through face unlocks and fingerprint authentication capabilities.

Consumers can use the FIDO apk file or WebAuthn to check the validation of a user or to check the services of the app during payment and sign-in scenarios.

BioAuthn authenticators like face-based and fingerprint access can be used when the FIDO2 potentials are not in use. It also helps to check whether the current user is a fraud, a robber, or if he/she is the actual owner of the device.

The FIDO apk helps identifying the eligibility and validity of online stoners who try to sign in and make payments, without passwords. This solution can easily be installed into the existing active account of the users.

  • The HUAWEI FIDO apk provides two Software Development Kits, which are:

BioAuthn-AndroidX System Development Kit: This SDK is designed and developed based on androidx. biometric software. If the user’s device contains the library, the BioAuthn-AndroidX SDK, might not be compatible and available to use.

BioAuthn Software Development Kit: This SDK is wholly free from any involvement of compatibility and agreement issues. However, you necessarily do need to design and develop the fingerprint authentication prompt UI for the respective device’s app.

  • Some advantages of installing FIDO are:

Trustworthiness: It helps full proof authentication with system and software integrity check, security key verification, and enhanced 3D face-based recognition, and unlock.

Convenience: Usage of biometric features or meandering authenticators, for speedy and impartial access.

Mature solution: It can easily be combined into existing user accounts, and it provides full eco-friendly software’s infrastructure.

Privacy protection: Instead of verifying and storing user’s private data on the cloud, it reserves it locally.