What Are The Best Television Wall Mounts To Invest Money?

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Do not be precarious when buying a television wall mount for your house. There are a lot of things that you should consider while buying one. The most significant ones that can make all the difference are given below.

  • Always consider your budget
  • Find out if the TV wall mount you’re eyeing can support the weight of your TV set
  • Find out the tilt angle and swivel rotation. These specifications play a significant role when considered with respect to the dimension of the TV room

4 TV Wall Mounts You Can Consider Buying At Primecables And Akin Companies

Amid the many options, the 5 types of TV wall mounts listed below are the best options since they’re economical as well as flexible.

  1. Elegant Slim Full-Motion Wall Mount

Ideal for flat-screen LCDs and LEDs between 26″ to 55″, this one can easily hold up to 40 kgs. It’s best known for the following features.

  • A tilt angle of -15°~+15°
  • Flexibility to install the mount anywhere from 2.67″ to 11″ from the wall
  • A 120° swivel angle
  • Capability to withstand weight three times the specified value i.e. 40 kgs
  1. Under Cabinet Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

This wall mount bracket – perfect for small and cramped TV rooms – has the capacity to secure flat-screens up to 27″ of display screens. The maximum weight it can hold is 20 kgs. It also has the following features that add to its value.

  • A secure locking mechanism to hold TV sets
  • Can be mounted on the ceilings too


  1. Full-Motion TV Universal Wall Mount


This wall mount can be used for LCDs and LEDs as heavy as 25 kgs. Its best features include the following.


  • It has a magnificent 180° swivel for smooth rotation
  • It has a tilt angle of -12˚ to +12˚
  • It has a heavy duty steel construction to hold flat-screens between 23″ to 37″


  1. Super Solid Large Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


This TV wall mount is perfect for large flat-screen and curved LEDs and LCDs from 50″ to 90″. It can easily handle 75 kgs of weight and offers the benefits of the following features too.


  • Level adjustment feature (+3° ~ -3°) for a perfect viewing angle
  • Flexible tilt angle from +5 to -15
  • +60 ~ -60 swivel angle with a quick lock technology to hold the TV sets securely


To conclude, TV wall mounts are amazing options for organizing the house and securing the TV sets.

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