Using remote browser isolation technology can protect your site against malware attacks

It is essential that you have a computer network that is secure and well-protected. You should be able to operate in an environment that is completely safe. Your people should even be able to operate from remote locations without the fear that your system will be compromised. This is especially important if your entire business or most of its operations have been put online. You may be one of the many companies that operate as a virtual enterprise. If that is the case, then you need more than basic protection measures. You need defense in-depth against the many threats against you.

You must protect your company against malware attacks. Hackers have gotten bolder over the last few years. They were once content with just disrupting operations and causing a great deal of confusion and frustration in companies. Recently, they have been known to hijack networks and demand a ransom.

A number of small companies have had this experience. The way that the hackers operate is simple. They know that small, online companies must work with a range of outside entities; that individual employees must visit various websites to make contact with and purchase things from different companies. The hackers program their malware to target such companies, so that when they click on certain websites it makes the leap from that site to the site of the small business. Once they are in, they can hijack the company for ransom. Or, they can take their con even further by penetrating the personal laptops of individual employees.

Spyware that is uploaded to an unprotected computer will allow the hacker to monitor and record every activity and transaction of the user. It gives hackers access to bank details and lets them in on closely guarded secrets. Such malware can even infect the cell phone of the user, which will allow the hacker to see who they are sending and receiving text messages from. Such spying is always followed up by an email or text message to the victim. The hackers tend to demand payment to keep the secrets of the user safe.

Having remote browser isolation technology installed is the only way to protect your network against this kind of high tech thuggery. You cannot allow yourself to be threatened, intimidate, and robbed by hackers. A robust remote browser isolation protection system will allow you to keep complete control of your system. It will ensure that no unauthorized software is uploaded to your network. It will allow your team to browse other sites with confidence, and it will protect them against the attempts by hackers to penetrate your system and use it as a conduit to place malware on the personal computers of your people.

You want to use the best technology on the market. This is not the kind of thing you can afford to do without. You also want to work with a company that is willing to offer you the best products and the most efficient and effective customer support.

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