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Tips to Improve Your Woocommerce Store’s Customer Experience 

Woocommerce is an excellent e-commerce plugin for wordpress and is easy to develop. Woocommerce comes with multiple features in it and most importantly it can be extended with unlimited options with the thousands of WordPress plugins which are easy to install and are are available for free or least at a reasonable price. Here are some ways by which woocommerce store’s customer experience can be improved.

  • Enhance website navigation: This is the most important thing to note in mind. The only way to grow the search engine rankings is to increase the number of viewers, for which the best way is to make the website easy to navigate. The viewers must be able to navigate effortlessly and must be able to reach the products they wish to buy with a few clicks. Moreover, the website must display without consuming much time and must not lag in between. A good UX, especially a well thought out Information Architecture (IA) can solve this issue to an extent. The advantage with WordPress is that it can be customized to any level, so they designers and developers don’t have to constraint themselves considering the development effort and complexities that could come in while during the development phase.
  • Categorize properly: The products must be properly categorized with appropriate categories; this makes the products easily available and can increase the sales. The naming of the categories must make sense. This will make sure that there occurs no confusion to the users in any way and hence, will attract them to the sites more and more. A good grouping of products is also important here – it should be in a way that it is technically falls in the correct category at the same time connects with the rational and logic of a layman customer.
  • Addition of plugins: Plugins solve any problems associated with Woocommerce, be it features or functions. One of the plugins that makes a huge difference to the product page of the WooCommerce store is the woocommerce product addons. This helps in displaying more information on a product page that the customer is looking at. This add on fields such as text field or radio field to the product page of the Woocommerce websites makes it easier for the users to select the product easily. Also, some of the features of this plugin – like the custom field pricing, conditional pricing, custom price formula etc can enhance cross sales and up-sales as it induces the customers to buy more by giving a discount on a having more value on the cart purchase. The premium version of this Woocommerce product options plugin is also available at a very nominal cost – which is loaded with a lot of custom features that no other plugin has.
  • Product description: The description of products will give the users a more precise idea about the product and its quality. They can buy things more confidently. This will build their trust in using the website in the future. The language used in describing the product must be simple for everybody to understand. There must never be a situation where the viewers get confused about the description. Many leading international brand has their identity when it comes to copywriting for their products –for eg ‘Apple’, which always surprises the users by simple yet intuitive copy for their product lines which are the most premium electronic brand in the brand. So big or small, every company should be focusing on the product copy and be trying to sell through their USPs in simple yet compelling copy.
  • Reviews: Viewers, being social beings, will always love to listen to what others have to say about a product which they are about to buy. Incorporating genuine reviews on the websites can build trust and hence, ensure a better sale. Always ask your customers to review the product – this will help in giving your customers a real feedback about the product which can set the expectations right and doesn’t end up in a bad customer experience.
  • Loading: This is a severe issue and in this digital era, people get everything within a few clicks. This has made them impatient. If a website is too slow to load, they do not wait for it. They move on to another site. Hence, maintaining good speed is essential! Nowadays, cloud servers have become so cheap and effective that the speed (and the load balance) of the website can be easily managed by migrating to any good cloud server– like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc to name a few.

Improving the customer experience of your WooCommerce store can definitely bring in good advancements in the online sales, as the customers are always looking for the best experience whenever they navigate through any ecommerce website. Some of these features, as mentioned above, can also lead to up-selling and cross-selling which can increase the sales volume from the WooCommerce store.